Rescheduled: An Evening with Emily Dickinson

James Sulzer
James Sulzer

Rescheduled for Thursday, April 16th at 7 p.m.

Join author James Sulzer as he discusses his newest novel about the fictional account of famous poet Emily DickinsonThe Voice at the Door recreates the fateful meeting of Emily Dickinson with the famous Philadelphia pastor, Charles Wadsworth.  The fictional account weaves the letters and poems of this iconic American writer into a rich tapestry of intellectual and spiritual communion.  It encompasses the three great mysteries of Emily Dickinson’s life: her agonized love poetry of the early 1860’s, her partial blindness in1863 – 1865, and her subsequent withdrawal from the world.

James Sulzer is a graduate of Yale University, where he was a Yale National Scholar. He is the author of Nantucket Daybreak (Walker and Co.) and the memoir Mom Comes Home. He has produced countless “sonic id’s” for National Public Radio, some of which aired on Ira Glass’s This American Life. He has spent the past 40 years of his life reading, living with, and cherishing the poetry of Emily Dickinson.

Refreshments will be served.

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