Five Stars Again! Round Two! Number Two!

The results have been announced! Round Two of America's Star Libraries. Five (more) Stars!

Once again, Darien Library was named a Five Star library by Library Journal (LJ), which used four objective measures (visits, circulation, program attendance and internet computer use per capita) to compare the level of services libraries provide to their communities. Darien Library was ranked second in the nation(!) among public libraries with budgets between $1 million and $5 million.

The LJ 2/15/09 issue reported the first star library ratings based on the LJ Index. Less than a year later, they are back with the second round, thanks to a dramatic improvement in data timeliness achieved by the Institute of Museum and Library Services (IMLS) in its annual census of U.S. public libraries. Data for 2006 were released in November 2008, while data for 2007 were released in May 2009—a six-month turnaround. Planned as an annual event, the LJ Index will continue to be published as soon as possible after each year's data become available

For the complete story, click here to read the article in the brand new issue of Library Journal.


Darien Library is fortunate to have a loyal corps of dedicated volunteers. Some of our volunteer opportunities include:

Library Loudspeaker: Have interest or experience in marketing? Are you an excellent writer? Help draft press releases, brainstorm promotional ideas, and make sure that everyone in town knows what is going on at the library!

Book Agent: Sort and orgainse our discarded books to be prepped for sale! You'll assist in setting up for our book sales, taking payment, and assuring everything runs smoothly.

Web Doctor: Help clean up our website by deleting spam, fixing broken links, and getting rid of outdated information. Our Web Doctors are comfortable with computers and technology.

Digitization Wizard: Bring our paper materials into the 21st Century! Digitization Wizards will scan materials and help us make them accessible digitally.

Neat and Tidy Committee: Are you organized? Does everything have its exact place? Do your friends think you're a little neurotic? Help us sort through our stuff! We need volunteers to organize and straighten our behind-the-scenes materials.

Library Farmer: Have a green thumb? We're looking for a volunteer to help us tend to our vegetable garden and organize our Seed Library.

We are happy to work with you to create a volunteer position that will match your interests and talents with our volunteer opportunities.

Ready to make a difference? Apply now!


To learn more, contact:

Stephanie Anderson, Assistant Director of Public Services ( If you are inquiring about a specific volunteer position or schedule, please fill out the application form before emailing. Thanks!

Library Board of Trustees

  • Townsend C. Smith, President
  • Amy Cammann Cholnoky, Vice President
  • Randall M. Heck, Treasurer
  • Sara Franzese, Secretary
Terms Expiring 2016
  • Edgar W. Barksdale Jr.
  • Amy Cammann Cholnoky
  • Kevin Gasvoda
  • Randall M. Heck
  • Suzanne McGraw
  • Jan Smith
  • Townsend C. Smith
  • Susan N. Weaver
Terms Expiring 2017
  • Robert A. N. Cudd
  • Tara B. Ochman
  • David C. Ott
  • Todd Raker
  • Tamara Sload
  • Susan Vogel
Terms Expiring 2018
  • Nicholas N. Branca
  • Alexandra Eising
  • Sara Franzese
  • John P. Shutts
Honorary Trustees
  • Anne Morrow Lindbergh (1906-2001)
  • Harold W. McGraw, Jr. (1918-2010)
  • Ann S. Mandel
  • Stephen F. Mandel (1931-2009)
  • Kimberly D. Huffard
  • George U. Wyper

Library Vision and Mission

Our vision is to inform, educate, entertain and enrich our community.

The Darien Library Mission

The Library will provide access to a broad array of content, as well as training and assistance to help people successfully navigate and use information.
The Library will provide a broad array of programs and services to educate, entertain and enrich people.
The Library will be proactive and creative in anticipating and responding to community needs for resources, programs and services.
The Library will be accessible physically to people during convenient hours and electronically twenty-four hours a day, seven days a week and three-hundred and sixty five days a year, and without charge to the individual user.
The Library will be the heart of the community, providing flexible and inviting environments within which to access and enjoy its resources.
The Library will be a customer-driven organization with friendly, professional staff dedicated to creating a positive and fun library experience.
The Library will attract, develop and sustain a highly professional staff in an environment where teamwork, high standards and esprit-de-corps support excellence.
The Library will collaborate with other town agencies and community groups to serve the needs of the community.
The Library will be a public-private partnership, funded annually by a combination of taxpayer dollars and individual donations sufficient to sustain a library of excellence.

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