Patron Behavior Policy


In an effort to provide a comfortable and safe environment for all Library patrons, the Board of Trustees of the Darien Library has established a Library Patron Behavior Policy. The Policy is designed to provide clear and reasonable guidelines governing patron behavior within the Library and on the Library premises.

Unacceptable Behavior

Unacceptable behavior includes behavior within the Library or on Library premises that interferes with the use of the Library by other patrons, creates a risk of injury to other patrons or Library personnel, interferes with the work of Library personnel, or creates a risk of damage to Library property. Unacceptable behavior includes, but is not limited to:

  1. Use of profanity, abusive or threatening language
  2. Threatening gestures or unwanted physical contact
  3. Possession of weapons of any kind, except by law enforcement officers
  4. Damaging, defacing or theft of any Library property or materials
  5. Possession or use of alcohol except at authorized Library functions
  6. Possession or use of illegal drugs, narcotics, or controlled substances
  7. Use of tobacco or nicotine products, including e-cigarettes, within twenty-five feet of Library doors
  8. Viewing pornographic material
  9. Leaving children under the age of 8 unattended in the Library (please see Appendix A)
  10. Unreasonable noise levels including shouting, loud talking or disruptive conversation, allowing ringing cell phones or engaging in loud cell phone conversation outside designated areas
  11. Lack of personal hygiene that interferes with the use and enjoyment of the Library by other patrons or interferes with the work of Library personnel
  12. Bringing animals into the Library, except registered service animals or those who are part of a program
  13. Leaving unattended animals on Library property

Violation of the Policy may result in escalating responses ranging from limitation or revocation of the patron’s Library privilege(s) to removal from the premises or criminal prosecution if the conduct constitutes a violation of local, state or federal law. Library staff may ask to examine users' handbags, briefcases, or other packages to help assure compliance with checkout procedures; the Library reserves the right to confiscate unattended backpacks, duffle bags, etc.

The Director or his authorized designee, upon staff recommendation, may limit or revoke the patron’s Library privileges. Such limitation or revocation shall be in writing and shall be effective upon being sent to the patron’s address on file with the Library. A patron whose privileges has been limited or revoked may appeal the limitation or revocation of the privileges by filing a written appeal with the Director within ten (10) days from the date of the issuance of the written revocation. The appeal will be forwarded to the Board of Trustees, whose decision is final. The patron whose privileges has been limited or revoked must attend a meeting with the Director to review this Library Patron Behavior Policy before his or her privileges may be reinstated.

Appendix A
Unattended Children Policy

Children under the age of 12 must be accompanied by an adult while on Library premises. Children under the age of 8 must have a parent or caregiver with them at all times. Legal guardians and/or caregivers above the age of 14 may assume responsibility for a child while in the Library.

Unattended adults (adults without a child) are not allowed in the Children's Library.

Adopted by the Darien Library Board of Trustees on December 14, 2015.

Library Internet Use

The Internet provides access to a wealth of information that is personally, professionally, and culturally enriching to individuals of all ages. Internet access to material of a controversial or mature nature, as well as to material that is not accurate, complete, or current, is unavoidable.

Darien Library does not filter information on the Internet, except in the Children’s Library. The computers located in the Children’s Library are reserved for the use of children under the supervision of a parent or guardian. Public computers in the Children’s Library are filtered at the network level, however the Library recognizes that filtering is not a completely reliable means of protection from materials that may be offensive, controversial or illegal. Parents are expected to monitor and supervise their children's Internet sessions.

Use of Darien Library's Internet connection for illegal, inappropriate, or obscene purposes or in support of such activities is prohibited and may be reported to law enforcement authorities.

Materials obtained or copied on the Internet may be subject to copyright laws which govern the making of reproductions of copyrighted works.

Library patrons use the public computers and the Internet at their own risk.

Internet Usage Guidelines
  • Internet users may log in to an internet workstation using their library barcode. A limited number of guest passes are available at the information desks.
  • Internet workstations may be used for one hour per day. Sessions can be extended in one hour increments as workstations are available.
  • Only two persons at a time may use an internet workstation.
  • Printing of information should be accomplished within the current session.
  • The Library reserves the right to terminate an Internet session at any time for inappropriate use.
  • Misuse of the Internet will result in suspension of Library privileges.
  • Library cards are not transferrable. If you do not have a card, please ask for assistance at the Help Desk or Reference Desk.

View Darien Library’s Policy on Privacy and Security.

Directions and Hours

A view of Darien Library from Post Road.
By Car

From I-95 north: Exit 11. Right at end of ramp. Library is on the right at the corner of Post Road and Hecker.
From I-95 south: Exit 11. Left at light at end of exit ramp onto Post Rd. Library is on the right at the corner of Post Road and Hecker.
From Merritt Parkway north or south: Exit 37. Turn right onto Route 124. Follow it to the end at Rt. 1 (Post Road). Turn right onto Post Road. Follow Rt. 1 under the I-95 overpass. Library is on the right at the corner of Post Road and Hecker.

Get directions from Google Maps.

By Bus

The Library is located along Route 41 which goes between Stamford and Norwalk along Post Road. The bus stop is in front of the Library near the red light. View the schedule and route information

By Train

The Darien Library 0.8 mile from the Darien Metro North Railroad Station stop. Walk down to Post Road from the train station and then make a right. Follow Post Road downhill, under the bridge, and the Library is the red brick building on the right just a bit further down the road. 

Main Library Hours

Monday - Thursday     9 a.m.-9 p.m.
Friday                          9 a.m.-6 p.m.
Saturday                      9 a.m.-5 p.m.
Sunday                        1 p.m.-5 p.m.

Digital content is available 24 hours a day/7 days a week.

Children's Library Hours

Monday - Thursday     9 a.m.-8 p.m.
Friday                          9 a.m.-6 p.m.
Saturday                      9 a.m.-5 p.m.
Sunday                        1 p.m.-5 p.m.

Holiday Closings

New Year's Day
Easter Sunday
Memorial Day
Independence Day
Labor Day
Thanksgiving Day
Christmas Eve Day
Christmas Day


Lending Guidelines

Loan Periods
Items Loan Period Renewals* Overdue Fees**
Books 21 days Yes $0.10 a day
14 Day Books 14 days No $0.50 a day
Downloadable eBooks and Audiobooks 21 days No none
Books on CD 21 days Yes $0.10 a day
DVDs 7 days Yes $0.50 a day
Express DVDs 1 day (overnight) No $1.00 a day
Games 7 days Yes $1.00 a day
Children's Playaway Views 7 days Yes $1.00 a day
Magazines 7 days Yes $0.10 a day
Children's Magazines 21 days Yes $0.10 a day
eReaders 21 days Yes $10.00 a day
iPads 7 days Yes $10.00 a day
LCD Projector 4 days Yes $10.00 a day
Things to Know
  • Darien residents will be issued a library card immediately. A valid ID is required.
  • All programs and services available to Darien residents are available to those who work full-time in Darien. You may apply for a card by showing proof of employment.
  • Non-Residents may use their valid hometown library card or register by showing an ID with their current address. For additional information, please see Non-Resident Use below.
  • The Library offers a one-day grace period for all loans - any item returned on the day of grace will not incur an overdue fee for that day.
  • Senior patrons—those 65 and older—are exempt from accruing overdue fees
  • The maximum overdue charge for most materials is $5.00 per item. Items not returned will be billed at the cost of replacement plus a $5.00 processing fee.
  • If a patrons’s fees exceed $50.00, the patron will be unable to check-out items or access some library services.


To find out about the wide range of technology available for circulation or to use in the Library, please visit the Technology page.

How to Renew Materials

If no one else has requested the material, we are happy to renew most materials up to five times. You can renew by:

Non-Resident Use

Connecticut residents may use their hometown library card at any public library in the state. As a public library most of our programs, services and collections are available to all, but we reserve some privileges for Darien Residents, people who work in town full-time and Friends of the Library. Non-Residents are invited to become a Friend of the Library at the $300 level in order to:

  • Place holds on DVDs
  • Register for technology classes and children’s storytimes
  • Access eBooks, dowloadable audiobooks, magazines and research databases 
  • Borrow technology equipment
  • Reserve study rooms and the Digital Media Lab

Our Librarians

Lori Adelman
Children's Librarian Assistant
Lori has an M.S. in Elementary Education and has taught elementary school in both Stamford and Darien.  Her four children are glad that she has found a new venue for her singing and dancing.
Karyn Alfini
Materials Management
Karyn is a recent college graduate with a degree in education and history. She is a firm believer in starting off every morning with a cup of coffee. When not at the library, Karyn enjoys spending time with friends and family, seeing her favorite bands in concert and exploring new places.
Jeanne Altman
Children's Library Assistant
Jeanne joined the Children’s Library after being an enthusiastic Readers’ Advisor for three years, and has completed a Masters in Library Science from Pratt Institute. She loves reading, especially audiobooks, cooking and crafting with kids.
Stephanie Anderson
Assistant Director for Public Services
Stephanie Anderson is the Assistant Director for Public Services. She is also the head of Readers’ Advisory after years of working as a bookseller. She reads just about anything, from presidential biographies to Regency romances, with a lot of new fiction in-between. When she’s not at the library, she’s reading on the train home to Brooklyn or running a basketball league for book nerds.
Mallory Arents
Head of Adult Programming | Volunteer Coordinator
Mallory got in to the library biz not because she loves books, not because she loves information, but because she loves people. She's also really into KPOP, vegan eats, and cephalopods.
Lorena Balne
Children's Library Assistant
Miss Lorena currently teaches at Five Mile. Prior to that she launched two highly successful local businesses catering to preschool children. Miss Lorena was also a co-founder and owner of Green Moon Children’s Art Studio.
Maria Banke
Technology Assistant
Maria joined the Help Desk team after a successful career an IT professional in the financial industry. A long-time Darien resident, Maria spends her spare time volunteering for local organizations, sharing her wealth of IT knowledge!
Barbara Blake
Reader Advisor
Barbara is one of our film buffs. Ask her what movies she's seen lately!
John Blyberg
Assistant Director for Innovation and UX
John is a library geek.
Tina Bothe
Materials Management
Tina is an excellent cook and baking is her specialty. Ask her about the cookbooks!
Asha Bryce
Reader Advisor
Asha is a keen observer of all that is weird and slightly off kilter in literature, non-fiction and movies! Ask her what she has read lately that keeps her back to the wall.
Lois Calka
Head of Facilities and Materials Management
Lois keeps all the cogs turning.
Laura Cavers
Reader Advisor
Laura is an avid reader and member of two book groups. She recently finished her MFA in Writing and is focused on finishing her very own novel. She likes to relax by walking with friends, or sailing or kayaking on Long Island Sound.
Kaitlin Ciarmiello
Technology Assistant
Kaitlin received a B.A. in Art History from Connecticut College, where she also played her cello in the orchestra and other ensembles. In her spare time, this Conn College Camel loves reading young adult literature and brushing up on her Italian!
Reed Collyer
Reed keeps the bills paid and the books balanced. In her spare time, she is a runner, reader and mom to three fantastic kids and two rescue dogs. Some of her favorite authors are Zora Neale Hurston and Wally Lamb.
Elizabeth Connell
Children's Library Assistant
Elizabeth is pursuing a MA in Library and Information Sciences from the Pratt Institute. Her favorite children's book is Little House in the Big Woods. In her free time she enjoys needlepoint and the novels of PG Wodehouse.
Kathy Cronin
Technology Assistant
Kathy joined the library after a successful career in technology sales and taking time off to raise her kids. Kathy has been an active part of the community after being a long time resident. She loves to read non-fiction, and enjoys running, spinning and cooking in her spare time!
Rose Curtin
Materials Management
Rose is mom to two grown daughters, Melissa and Cindy. She is a marathon runner and plays tennis and paddle tennis. She is also a talented seamstress and creates specialty gifts to sell at holiday and craft fairs. Rose also loves to cook and read historical fiction.
Eileen D'Andrea
Children's Librarian Assistant
Eileen loves to connect kids with that one perfect book... the book that will make them a reader. She is a school librarian when she's not in the Children's Library and when she reads books for grown-ups, she prefers historical fiction.
Jen Dayton
Collection Development Coordinator
Jen is our Collection Development Coordinator, new fiction buyer and lover of all things book. Ask her what book she is passionate about this week!
Fran Dixon
Knowledge and Learning Services Assistant
Fran enjoys encouraging others and also reading books that are inspiring. Ask her what she's reading now!
Kathleen Fieffe
Reader Advisor
Kathleen loves documentaries, letterpress stationary and letter writing; doughnuts and ALL food. She also listens to public radio programming and podcasts. Ask her what she's listening to now!
Jane Frazier
Program Specialist
Jane Frazier is our Hostess with the Mostess, resident Francophile, and Michigan sports fanatic. When she’s not welcoming you to one of our library programs, you can find her swimming laps at the YMCA or baking her famous chocolate chip cookies.
Erica Gauquier
Teen Services Librarian
When not reading young adult realistic fiction, Erica enjoys riding her longboard skateboard and shoe shopping. You can find her in the Teen Lounge running programs and recommending books.
Marilyn Giannos
Materials Management
Marilyn loves reading the Sunday NY Times as well as historical fiction and memoirs. She also enjoys volunteer work, tennis, golf and bridge.
Josephine Gleeson
Materials Management
Jo is a retired middle school teacher who is trading YA literature for historical fiction and novels. She enjoys biking, baking, long walks, and discovering new places.
Amanda L. Goodman
User Experience Librarian
Amanda loves mountains, genealogy & fandom. On a more serious note, she teaches technology classes and helps small business owners with their online presence.
Krishna Grady
Children's Librarian, Program Coordinator
Working in the children’s library allows Krishna to combine her favorite things: acting, singing, dancing and reading. When not at the library she can be found watching movies, sci-fi television, mainly Dr. Who, singing show tunes and of course reading. Her favorite books are Cloudy with a chance of meatballs, Jane Eyre and The Immortal Life of Henrietta Lacks.
Melissa Graves
Materials Management
Melissa is in three book groups and particularly loves devouring historical fiction. She also enjoys duplicate bridge, tennis and yoga.
Alan Kirk Gray
Director and Chief Executive Officer
Alan reads a lot of naval history and fiction and is always trying to get us to go play softball. Hasn't happened yet, probably never will.
Virginia Grubbs
Reader Advisor
Virginia's favorite genres include thrillers and suspense, mysteries, general fiction, chick-lit and young adult books featuring a dystopian society. Aside from books, she also loves movies and suspenseful TV series. She's a proud Texan enjoying life in Connecticut.
Julia Rae Hodenfield
Reader Advisor
Julia Rae is a current student at Ursinus College studying English, French, and Creative Writing. She loves coming home during breaks from school and working in Readers' Advisory!
Alex Hylton
User Experience Ninja
As a lover of technology, Alex makes sure all the technology equipment in the building runs smoothly. He also aids to design unique physical or digital experiences for patrons of the library.
Sally Ijams
Head of Knowledge and Learning Services
Sally is a huge fan of audio books. The queen of multitasking, she can usually be found knitting, gardening or cooking, all while listening to books. Her reading tastes are eclectic, but she is especially fond of all things Austen.
Kimberly Kunces
Technology Assistant | Knowledge and Learning Services Assistant
Kim is a college student studying Communications. She loves to play tennis, run, and travel. She enjoys reading non-fiction books and Time Magazine. Ask her about wilderness travel and readings!
Amy Laughlin
Children's Librarian, Outreach and Public Relations Coordinator
Amy reads picture books, tween books, YA and everything in between. In her spare time she enjoys traipsing around the globe, playing with iPads and apps, and making crafts.
Caroline Mandler Lopez
Head of Operations
Caroline has twin boys, and is a frequent story-time attendee and coffee-drinker.
Julie Magrath
Materials Management
Julie particularly loves thrillers and suspense, contemporary fiction and historical novels, especially if they are audiobooks. She can often be found listening to a good read while enjoying her other loves: long walks, gardening and cooking.
Elisabeth Gattullo Marrocolla
Assistant Head of Children's Services, Collection Development Coordinator
Elisabeth is an avid sci-fi and fantasy reader who was convinced her invitation to Hogwarts got lost in the mail.
Stacy Mathai
Technology Assistant
Stacy has a BS in Business & Technology. Aside from being a legal assistant and Sunday School teacher, she’s always ready to lend a hand. Her welcoming smile and tech savvy nature will happily guide you in the right direction.
Ann McCarty
Reader Advisor
Ann McCarty loves reading, especially popular fiction. Ask her what she is wild about this week!
Cathy McLachlan
Administrative Assistant
Cathy makes it happen.
Marian McLeod
Children's Library Assistant
Marian was destined to be a librarian. She was born and raised in Hawaii and is a big fan of funny kids books, running, cross-stitching, and traveling abroad.
James McNutt
Systems Administrator
James has a suspicion that he might like the words in books more than books themselves. So when he reads, he tends to prefer books written by linguists because they understand that words themselves can tell stories—stories full of… characters. James also likes puns. Word.
Nevine Michaels
Reader Advisor
Nevine loves international literature and foreign films. She also likes to experiment with different cuisines in her free time.
Barbara Monin
Reader Advisor
Barbara is a Francophile and reader of all things. Ask her what she has loved lately!
Claire Moore
Head of Children and Teen Services
Claire is a film lover who enjoys selecting movies for our Foreign Film Series for kids. She is an avid Nutmeg Book Award reader and conducts programs for children from infants to tweens. She can also sometimes be caught running through the stacks.
Lisa Nowlain
Children's Librarian, Harold W. McGraw Jr. Fellow
Lisa is a half-Swede Californian with a background in art, marketing/design, and ultimate Frisbee (it’s really a sport!). While not being a librarian, she is outside hiking or inside reading fantasy, sci-fi, picture books, or narrative non-fiction.
Blanche Parker
Knowledge and Learning Services Librarian
Blanche is our business and travel expert and a huge fan of UNC basketball and SEC football.
Marianne Paterniti
Book Group Coordinator
Marianne is a book group's best friend. Ask her what she recommends for a lively discussion!
Victor Pensiero
Building Engineer
Vic keeps our library building in shape. As the former Chief Plumber for the Darien school district and current Chief of the Darien Fire Department, Vic is always ready to serve.
Manny Perez
Manny is a writer, producer and director of impactful and memorable documentary films, public relation films, corporate communications videos and commercials. As a recipient of numerous industry awards, and the owner/director of a video production facility, Manny uses his skills to create meaningful videos for the library.
Veronica Ponce
Children's Librarian Assistant
You may know Veronica from her Organized Playgroups in town. She has a M.S. in Early Childhood Education and believes every child is gifted and ready to learn!
Stephanie Sara
Materials Management
Stephanie keeps the sorting room humming. She can also be seen at the Friday night films where she has been known to appear dressed as a beekeeper as well as in vintage 1970’s attire.
Thomas Scott
Materials Management
Thomas enjoys hardcore concerts and running.
Abby Sesselberg
Reader Advisor
Abby reads a wide range of books with an emphasis on genre mysteries, series, and thrillers. She also enjoys biographies, memoirs, and books about chefs.
Patricia Sheary
Reader Advisor
Pat is not only a insatiable reader and huge Anglophile, she is a gourmet cook and loves doing needlework. Ask Pat what’s cooking! She’ll be happy to tell you!
Susie Skerrett
Film Librarian
Susie is a Master Gardener and an instructor on the art of selling on eBay. Susie is frequently found assisting with our Friday Night Films, is an avid movie watcher, and currently oversees purchases in our DVD collection. While she is quite eclectic in what she reads, she never passes up a good romance novel! She holds a Bachelors degree in Human Services with a minor in Women's Studies from the University of Connecticut. Susie is also a notary.
Caitlin Stote
Materials Management
Caitlin is an undergraduate at Fairfield University, majoring in English and pioneering in Fairfield’s new 5-year Integrated B.A./M.A. Degree Teacher Certification in Elementary Education. She loves reading to children and reading in general, especially Victorian English literature and works of nonfiction.
Valerie Streuli
Materials Management
Valerie is a retired middle school drama coach, music teacher, and choral director. She has two grown daughters as well as a grown husband. Valerie enjoys hiking and camping, singing in a gospel choir, and taming her garden.
Samarpana Tamm
Children's Librarian Assistant
Samarpana is a former Montessori teacher and one of our Early Childhood Specialists. She conducts Giggles & Rhymes and can help anyone navigate our Picture Book collection!
Pat Tone
Head of the Welcome Desk
Pat is a dog lover and haunter of book shops everywhere. Ask her about the best in books on cd or playaways.
William Tone
Reader Advisor
William Tone is a recent law school grad. When he is not out pounding the pavement he can be found behind the Welcome Desk ready with a book recommendation that is sure to please!
Karen Yostpille
Materials Management
Karen loves to read popular fiction, although her book group and co-workers are encouraging her to branch out into other genres. She also enjoys volunteering, playing golf, baking and spending time with her family.
Diane Young
Reader Advisor
Diane loves a good mystery, whether on the beach or by the fireside. Ask her what mystery is she is currently entangled in!
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