No notaries available this weekend

(photo courtesy of Flickr user jeremybrooks)
(photo courtesy of Flickr user jeremybrooks)

Because many of our librarian notaries are off at the American Library Association's Annual Conference this weekend, there will be no notary service available between Saturday morning, June 27, and Monday evening, June 29. Our apologies for any inconvenience!

If you're surprised to learn the Library offers free notary services, you're not alone! But it's true--we have seven notaries on staff and we will notarize just about anything you need. Full details available here, or call the Reference Desk at 203-669-5236 for more information.

3D Printers

Darien Library is home to four 3D printers: MakerBot Z18, MakerBot Replicator 5th Generation, MakerBot Replicator 2, and a Form 1 3D Printer

A 3D printer is a machine that takes digital files and produces a plastic print-out of your design. The arrival of 3D printers allows anyone to create physical models their own designs without the need to send out to a special manufacturer. Learn more about 3D printers. If you would like to see a 3D printer, come down to the Help Desk located in the computer labs on the Lower Level.

This exciting new technology will continue to improve in the years to come. Therefore when you request an object to be printed, please keep in mind that sometimes the machines will be unavailable due to repairs.

Printing Objects

3D objects can be printed from something you designed yourself or downloaded from a site like Tinkercad. You can use software like SketchUp to create your designs. While staff members are unable to show you how to create designs, you can teach yourself using our access to

Submit your print request to (15mb attachment limit), or send an Internet link to the object along with the exact specifications, otherwise bring it in to your Help Desk on a flash drive or other media.

Print time is up to 3 days from submission.

Cost to Print

Similar to other services in the Library like printing and photocopying, 3D printing is a service that charges a fee for your printed object. We charge by weight in grams. We will give you an estimate of how much the final object will cost. We include the weight of the supports and rafts in the cost. Therefore, we cannot give an exact cost at the time of the print order. The Form1 printer costs more since it produces a higher quality print.

Children who live in Darien and are 12 and under may use the 3D printer in the Children's Library at no cost.

  • Form1: 25 cents per gram
  • Other 3D printers: 10 cents per gram
  • Minimum charge: $2

The 3D printer in the Digital Media Lab is only for Darien residents, those who work full-time in Darien, or are Friends of the Library who have donated $300 or more. 

Digital Darien

Darien Library offers online access to great digital content for all your mobile devices. All you need is your Darien Library card, a device, and Internet access. Contact us for help!

If you are browsing the Library's catalog, look for the Downloadable logo which looks like the one below.

3M Cloud Library OverDrive Hoopla
3M Cloud Library OverDrive






TV Shows



Downloadable eBooks, Audiobooks, and the borrowing of eReaders are available to Darien residents, those who work full-time in Darien, and Friends of the Library who have donated $300 or more.

For assistance, please contact the Help Desk at 203-669-5238.




OverDrive gives you at-home access to eBooks and audiobooks. This is the eBook service to use if you have a Kindle.


Get Started

You will need your Darien Library card number and an email account that you can access to use OverDrive.

Use the Mobile App

You can download the OverDrive app to your Android or Apple mobile device to get started reading your eBooks now!

On Your Personal eReader

You can download eBooks to read on your home computer and then transfer them to your own eReader. OverDrive supports most devices.



Downloadable eBooks and Audiobooks, are available to Darien residents, those who work full-time in Darien, and Friends of the Library who have donated $300 or more.

For assistance, please contact the Help Desk at 203-669-5238.


Interlibrary Loan

Do you need a book or an article which Darien Library doesn't have? We can try to request it through interlibrary loan! This is a service which asks other libraries to send us the book or article of your choosing.

Please note:

If your item was published within the last year, please use the suggest a purchase form.

Interlibrary Loan service is limited to Darien residents, people who work in Darien, and Library donors who contribute annually at the $300 level or above.  If you live outside of Darien, please see your hometown library's website for their interlibrary loan services.

To use the Interlibrary Loan service, your Darien Library account must have no outstanding fines.

Request an Article

Request a Book

WiFi & Wireless Printing


Free and open Wi-Fi is available at the Darien Library. To connect, simply choose “Darien Library” from the list of wireless networks on your mobile device. All users may print wirelessly from home or in the Library. You will need to visit the print release station on the second floor to complete your transaction. 

Wireless Printing

You don't have to be in the Library to send a print job! You can send your print before you arrive and then pick it up.

  1. Visit our Mobile Print Service page.
  2. Select if your print is black & white or color.
  3. Put in your email address. You will need this to obtain your print at the Library.
  4. Select your document and upload it to the service.
  5. Click the green button to submit your print.
  6. Go to the Second Level of the Library and visit the Reference Room with the big tables. Find the print release station on the wall which faces the stairs.
  7. Enter your email address into the machine followed by your library card number which is registered with Darien Library, or a temporary guest pass issued from the Second Level floor with valid ID.
    • You will need to have already added funds to your account before you can print your document(s). For help, please see the Reference Librarian on duty.
  8. Pick up your document(s) at the printer.

The first 5 black and white pages are free per day. 

Each additional black and white page - 10 cents.

Color prints - 25 cents.

Learn Technology with

Start learning now!
Start learning now!

Since October 5, 2009 Darien Library has offered as a technology education resources. The service is available to residents, those who work full-time in Darien, and non-resident Contributors to the Library at the $300 annual level, currently provides 1,612 online subscribers with instruction in a wide range of Mac and PC software programs. 

With Lynda, you can set your own training schedule. The site includes practice exercises and a helpful feature that keeps track of where you left off each time you end a session. In addition, upon completion of the video training, you can take part in’s Certificate of Completion program.

How to Gain Access

Come to the Help Desk in the Power Library (aka computer room) on the Lower Level or call the Help Desk at 203-669-5238 to get started. Give us your name and email address so we can register your account. You will receive an email from to active your account. We will then assign you to either an in-library access for a couple hours or you can access from home for seven days. If no one is waiting, you can ask for your access to be renewed. 


Bloomberg Terminal

Bloomberg Terminal with two monitors

Whether you're a job seeker looking for openings or an amateur investor tracking hot stocks, bonds, and/or commodities, the Bloomberg Terminal has something to offer.The Bloomberg Terminal, located in the Cheswick Finance Center on the Library's second level, is funded by contributions to the Friends of the Darien Library and is a tremendous addition to the Library's electronic resources.

All Library patrons may use the terminal, but only Darien residents, those who work in Town or non-resident Contributors to the Library at the $300 annual level may reserve it in advance. If you would like to place a reservation, please contact our Knowledge and Learning Services staff at 669-5236 or at

Are you new to the world of Bloomberg? Help is only a click away! Sign up for a tutorial at Bloomberg U, a series of online classes designed to help the new user get the most from the resources at hand.

Form 1 3D Printer

The Form 1 Printer

Darien Library now offers the superior printing quality of the Form1 3D printer for our patrons. Use your imagination to print objects for work, school, proofs of concept designs, and more! 

The Form 1 high resolution printer can produce objects within 4.9 x 4.9 and 6.5 inches with resolution of up to 0.001 inches per layer using stereolithography technology. Compatible with the following file formats: .stl, .obj, and .form.

For more info on the Form 1 printer, visit the formlabs website.

How to print using the Form 1:

Submit a file that meets the above requirements to (15mb attachment limit), or send an Internet link to the object along with the exact specifications, otherwise bring it in to your Help Desk on a flash drive or other media.

Print time is up to 3 days from submission.

The print material is clear resin. Will have white in the future as a choice.


25 cents per gram of the fully printed object including supports. Supports are the extra printed components that gives the structure the help it needs to print without collapsing. An example would be supports to hold up a running T-rex's head while it prints!


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