New Themed iPads

Photo by Kārlis Dambrāns / CC BY 2.0
Photo by Kārlis Dambrāns / CC BY 2.0

As a follow-up to our successful Art iPads, we are pleased to offer iPads with new themes.

Cooking iPad

Want to start out the New Year with new recipes and techniques in the kitchen? Our Cooking iPad is just the thing. The apps we’ve loaded range from the How To Cook Everything cookbook guru Mark Bittman’s apps, including his vegetarian cookbook, to fabulous desserts from Dorie Greenspan and Martha Stewart. We’ve also loaded an app from our friends at the Food52 blog. Need some variety for diabetic or gluten-free cooking? We’ve got that covered, too. Bon appetit!

Zen iPad

Looking forward to a more mindful 2016? Try our Zen iPad. We’ve loaded it up with a wonderful assortment of apps meant to help you de-stress and create daily routines featuring yoga and guided meditation. Some apps even offer guided meditation for specific challenges and situations. Just as physical yoga can make you stronger, mental exercise keeps your brain sharp. We think you’ll really enjoy the mental challenges posed by the Brain Yoga app.

Our Cooking and Zen iPads may be checked out for 1 week to Darien card holders age 18 and over.

These iPads can be found in our catalog under Cooking iPad and Zen iPad. Video Tutorials

Start learning now!
Start learning now!

Gain access to 1000s of tutorial videos with topics ranging from technology to business to marketing and even job hunting. You can earn the skills you need to excel at work. Better yet, you can access these videos from the comfort of your own home or anywhere with WiFi. There is no limit to how many courses you can take. Once you have finished a class, you can easily import your certificate of completion to your LinkedIn profile. This looks great to employers!

Each class is broken up into small bite-sized videos so you can learn when you have a moment. Classes also come with downloadable exercise files so you can do hands-on practice in-time with the instructor. Start a class then resume later.

To Get Started

Connect to Darien Library's portal. You will need your Darien Library card to create your account. We suggest bookmarking the portal page for easy access.

Do you not live or work full-time in Darien? You can gain access to, eBooks, classes, and more by becoming a Friend

Lost Your Password?

You will need to call at 1-888-335-9632 to have your password reset.

Microfilm Reader

Microfilm Reader

The Library's ST ViewScan III machine is capable of creating crisp and clear high resolution images from microfilm rolls. In three easy steps you can scan, edit, and save. 

The ViewScan has a quick response when loading rolls and moving through film to find the section that you need. Once found, you can digitally manipulate the image to flip, crop, rotate, and adjust brightness and contrast to get the image just the way you want it.

Once done, you can print, save to a USB drive, Google Drive, Dropbox, or send an email directly from the ST Premium Software. 

WiFi & Wireless Printing


Free and open Wi-Fi is available at the Darien Library. To connect, simply choose “Darien Library” from the list of wireless networks on your mobile device. All users may print wirelessly from home or in the Library. You will need to visit the print release station on the second floor to complete your transaction. 

Wireless Printing

You don't have to be in the Library to send a print job! You can send your print before you arrive and then pick it up.

  1. Visit our Mobile Print Service page.
  2. Select if your print is black & white or color.
  3. Put in your email address. You will need this to obtain your print at the Library.
  4. Select your document and upload it to the service.
  5. Click the green button to submit your print.
  6. Go to the Second Level of the Library and visit the Reference Room with the big tables. Find the print release station on the wall which faces the stairs.
  7. Enter your email address into the machine followed by your library card number which is registered with Darien Library, or a temporary guest pass issued from the Second Level floor with valid ID.
    • You will need to have already added funds to your account before you can print your document(s). For help, please see the Reference Librarian on duty.
  8. Pick up your document(s) at the printer.

The first 5 black and white pages are free per day. 

Each additional black and white page - 10 cents.

Color prints - 25 cents.

Form 1 3D Printer

The Form 1 Printer

The Form 1 high resolution printer can produce objects within 4.9 x 4.9 and 6.5 inches with resolution of up to 0.001 inches per layer using stereolithography technology. Compatible with the following file formats: .stl, .obj, and .form.

For more info on the Form 1 printer, visit the formlabs website.

How to print using the Form 1:

Submit a file that meets the above requirements to (15mb attachment limit), or send an Internet link to the object along with the exact specifications, otherwise bring it in to your Help Desk on a flash drive or other media.

Print time is up to 3 days from submission.

The print material is clear resin. Will have white in the future as a choice.


25 cents per gram of the fully printed object including supports. Supports are the extra printed components that gives the structure the help it needs to print without collapsing. An example would be supports to hold up a running T-rex's head while it prints!


New Banner Printer

It's huge!
It's huge!

Have you been waiting to print your banner out at the Library? Good news then! We retired our small banner printer and brought in this much larger version. You can print banners up to 42 inches wide by however many feet long. 

To get started, you can email your PDF file to Your file needs to be the same size as the actual print. For example, if you want to print a 2' x 3' poster, your file size should also be 2' x 3.' Please give us twenty-four hours notice if you wish to print via sending an email. Otherwise, please see the Help Desk on the Lower Level in the computer lab.

To print on matte (not shiny) paper, the cost is $6/sq ft. Glossy paper costs $7/sq ft.  


Check out materials with your smartphone!

You can now use your smartphones to check out books, DVDs, and more at the self checkouts! In this video, we demonstrate how to use the CardStar app which is available for both Android and Apple smartphones.

Update: Prefer to use the Key Ring app instead? Find us on their app! Available for Android and Apple smartphones. 

Trello Class Handout

Looking for an easy way to manage your projects?  Trello is a free collaboration tool that allows you to organize your projects and tasks. Each item is a card which can be opened up to add further comments, a checklist, labels, and attachments. If you create an organization (like for your family), you can assign tasks to individuals who are all part of that organizational group. Once tasks are completed, they can be archived. Trello works best for small groups.

New Technology for the Vision-Impaired at the Darien Library

Enhanced-Vision Workstation
Enhanced-Vision Workstation

Job #1 for the Darien Library is providing excellent customer service to all of its patrons. Now, thanks to a generous contribution from The Darien Lions Club, we are able to extend a helping hand to those among our patrons who are vision-impaired. Located on the Library's second floor within easy reach from the elevator, our new Enhanced-Vision Workstation is well-equipped to meet a wide range of visual impairments.

The workstation consists of a Dell Optiplex 760 computer, a 24-inch monitor, a Topaz magnifier with hand and foot controls, stereo speakers, and a portable scanner. The Topaz magnifier allows the user to enlarge printed material for easy reading on the attached monitor. The Dell computer has a variety of specialized software installed, including ZoomText, which allows the user to magnify and/or highlight the information displayed on the monitor, and OpenBook, which can be used to scan and to read aloud printed material. Vision-impaired individuals can browse the Internet, check the Library's catalog and web site, read a book, watch movies, and more. The portable scanner provides access to more personal printed materials, such as bills and letters, all of which can be scanned in and magnified or read aloud. Headphones are provided for privacy.

If you or someone you know is vision-impaired and would like to use this special equipment, please call the Help Desk at 203-669-5238.

Business Center

Business Center

The Business Center is located on the Lower Level inside the Power Library.  The available equipment is perfect for the small business owner, entrepreneur, or student users. These services and supplies are competitively priced!



  • CDs (R and RW)
  • DVDs (R and RW)
  • Manilla folders
  • Envelopes
  • Index cards (100 pack)
  • Earbud headphones
  • Headphones
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