Meet the Author Presentation: Simon van Booy

Last night, we welcomed author Simon van Booy to Darien Library for an Adult Summer Reading, Meet the Author event. His newest book, Everything Beautiful Began After, is the first novel for this award-winning short story writer. His writing is fine, precise, and spare. Every word is necessary; the imagery, vivid.

What could be better than reading Simon van Booy's writing? I'll tell you. Listening to him read it aloud. His reading, his remarks, his responses to questions were all so very thoughtful and he delighted the audience with his presentation.

This morning, The Patch, posted a nice article about last night's author event at the Library. To read, click here.

To watch the presentation in its entirely, please click below.


Video - Author Michael Korda discusses Lawrence of Arabia

We had a standing-room-only crowd in attendance at our Fall 2010 Author Event with Michael Korda, held on Thursday, December 2 at 7 PM. Mr. Korda, author of the best-selling Ike: An American Hero and With Wings Like Eagles visited Darien Library for the third time in as many years to discuss his newest book, Hero: The Life & Legend of Lawrence of ArabiaIt was fitting for this historical tour-de-force, who perhaps had a keener understanding of the Middle East situation than anyone before or after his time, to be chronicled by such an admired and respected biographer. 

In case you missed it, click here or on the video below to watch Mr. Korda's presentation, which includes a Q&A the reveals fascinating tidbits of information about Lawrence's personal life, his struggles with loyalty and fame, and his untimely death.

After reading the book, if you are interested in watching the Hollywood movie Lawrence of Arabia but simply don't have 4+ hours to spare during this busy holiday season, you might like to watch Lawrence of Arabia: The Battle for the Arab World. In 2001, PBS produced this multi-million dollar film on the life of T.E. Lawrence that combines re-enactments with interviews of historians, biographers, and even an elderly man who was alive at the time that Lawrence and his troops fought for Arab independence during World War I.


Meet the Author: Michael Korda from Darien Library on Vimeo.

In Case You Missed It! Author & Chef Dorie Greenspan's Visit . . . on Video

It was an evening of joy, laughter, and amazing food on Thursday, November 18, 2010 as Darien Library hosted the delightful Dorie Greenspan, chef and award-winning author of numerous cookbooks, who visited us to speak about her latest, Around My French Table: Over 300 Recipes from My Home to Yours. She shared wonderful stories of her times spent in Paris as well as her inspirations for the recipes included in the book, which makes modern French cooking approachable in the same way that Julia Child's Mastering the Art of French Cooking did for traditional dishes so many years ago. It's no wonder that the book was recently chosen by as the best cookbook of 2010!

Click here or watch the video below to see the entire presentation from the evening, which includes a tour of all of the dishes made by the members of the Darien Library staff for the refreshments table. (For close-up photos of all of the dishes, click here.)

We simply adore Dorie...and you will, too!


Meet the Author: Dorie Greenspan from Darien Library on Vimeo.

An Interview with Phil Meyer

In the spring, Darien Library hosted the Marine Art Exhibit. Marine Art is regarded as one of the most popular forms of fine art. In practice, it takes many forms, including painting, drawing, printmaking, beach scenes, and all art showing boats.  At the close of the show, we had the opportunity to interview Phil Meyer, whose incredible model ships had graced Main Street during the exhibit.  In this interview Mr. Meyer talks about the art and craft of model ship building, and points out the details of each of the ships that were displayed.


An Interview with Phil Meyer from Darien Library on Vimeo.


Our thanks to Phil Meyer for taking the time to speak with us.

Lee Child at Darien Library - The Video of the Presentation

Lee Child visited the Library on June 6th. His newest book is
Lee Child visited the Library on June 6th. His newest book is "61 Hours."

When Lee Child was here last Sunday to talk about his newest book in the Reacher series61 Hours, we had a standing-room only crowd for his most-excellent presentation. It was such an honor to host the #1 bestselling author, and it was made doubly (triply?!) satisfying because he was warm and interesting and funny and everyone seemed to really enjoy themselves. One fan drove from upstate Connecticut, through near-tornado conditions to see her favorite author. Attendance at the event was an early Father's Day surprise for another one of our visitors, whose family beamed as he was, indeed, delightfully surprised. 

Forgive us if we are still on a little bit of an author high ourselves. We are overjoyed that Lee agreed to make Darien Library a stop on his international tour. (Pause. Reflect. Sigh. Put feet on ground.)

For those of you who were here for the program, you'll recall that the author took a photo of the audience to post on his website. Well, post it he did! Here's the photo of us (at right) and you can read what he had to say on his tour blog by clicking here.

If you were unable to attend Sunday's smash event, below is the video of the author presentation. And if you were here for the event, we know that you know that you'll just have to watch it again to see if it really was as good as you remember. (It was!) 

Lee Child author of 61 Hours from Darien Library on Vimeo.

Author Julie Hersh Visits Darien Library: A Video of the Presentation

Author Julie Hersh visited Darien Library on Friday, June 4, 2010.
Author Julie Hersh visited Darien Library on Friday, June 4, 2010.

Last Friday, Darien Library held a special Meet-the-Author event with Julie K. Hersh, author of the recently released book, Struck by Living: From Depression to Hope. The book shares with great candour and humility the author's intense struggles with depression.

In this very eloquent, engaging, and entertaining presentation, Julie tells the story of her depression, the factors that contributed to the seriousness of her illness, and the controversial treatment, electroconvulsive therapy (ECT), that aided in her recovery. She also shares practical tips for distinguishing between having a "down" day and being depressed, the additional factors that helped Julie achieve mental health again, and ways that you can to maintain your mental health, as well.


Julie K. Hersh author of Struck by Living from Darien Library on Vimeo.

For additional resources pertaining to mental health awareness in the local community, The Community Fund of Darien has published Creating Connections, a directory of mental health and support services for Darien. Click here to access the full directory. Specific hotlines within Darien that attend to mental health include:

Infoline: 211
Child Guidance: 888-825-6777
Family Centers: 877-349-4689


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