Form 1 3D Printer

The Form 1 Printer

Darien Library now offers the superior printing quality of the Form1 3D printer for our patrons. Use your imagination to print objects for work, school, proofs of concept designs, and more! 

The Form 1 high resolution printer can produce objects within 4.9 x 4.9 and 6.5 inches with resolution of up to 0.001 inches per layer using stereolithography technology. Compatible with the following file formats: .stl, .obj, and .form.

For more info on the Form 1 printer, visit the formlabs website.

How to print using the Form 1:

Submit a file that meets the above requirements to (15mb attachment limit), or send an Internet link to the object along with the exact specifications, otherwise bring it in to your Help Desk on a flash drive or other media.

Print time is up to 3 days from submission.

The print material is clear resin. Will have white in the future as a choice.


25 cents per gram of the fully printed object including supports. Supports are the extra printed components that gives the structure the help it needs to print without collapsing. An example would be supports to hold up a running T-rex's head while it prints!


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Hoopla: Digital Videos and Audio

You asked and we are delivering! Now you can stream TV shows, movies, music, and audiobooks from Darien Library. On your computer, your Hoopla digital checkout will stream just like a YouTube video or Pandora audio. If you are on a mobile device like your tablet or smartphone, you can download your checkouts to the Hoopla app. 

Download 10 items of any combination of movies, music, TV episodes, or audiobooks each calendar month. Hoopla is available on your computer, iPad, iPhone, or Android device. We recommend using Firefox to watch Hoopla on your computer.

On Your Mobile Device
  1. Visit the app store.
  2. Search for Hoopla Digital.
  3. Install the app.
  4. Create an account.
  5. Tap on the Hoopla icon to see the menu.
  6. Tap Borrow to start streaming!

Get Help

Ask for Help

Watch Hoopla on your TV

Call us at 203-655-5238

On Your Computer
  1. Visit Hoopla Digital.
  2. Click Sign Up then Agree.
  3. Create your account and Register.
  4. Click Browse to look for titles.
  5. Install the browser add-on to play your item.
  6. When you find something, click Borrow.
  7. Enjoy!


Hoopla is available to Darien residents, those who work full-time in Darien, and Friends of the Library who have donated $300 or more.

Checkout Periods

Movies & TV episodes: 3 days

Music:  7 days

Audiobooks:  21 days

Hoopla Digital


Introducing My Checkout History

Introducing your personalized reading history!
Introducing your personalized reading history!

Have you ever wondered, "What was that book I loved so much last year?" or "How many books did I read this month?"

Darien Library can now help you answer these questions quickly and easily. We are excited to introduce My Checkout History! In a nutshell, My Checkout History is as an optional feature that allows you to keep track of the items you check out. The information is readily accessible through your account on our website or by request at the Welcome Desk. 

This feature will be activated for everyone on January 1, 2014. For people who do not choose to use My Checkout History, it is easy to disable. 


By using My Checkout History, the Library's online catalog will retain for your personal use a list of all materials that you borrow, for your personal reference. You will be able to remove individual items from your patron history at any time if you wish. If you do choose to disable this feature, there will be no way to access a list of previously checked out materials.

Learn more about My Checkout History

Check Out an Art iPad

Explore the world of modern and contemporary art with the Darien Library Art iPad. Darien Library is collaborating with the Museum of Modern Art (MoMA) to promote the exploration of art in a variety of mediums. By curling up with an Art iPad, you may:

  • Pore through art eBooks
  • Use apps dedicated to specific artists (e.g. Picasso, Goya, El Greco)
  • Unleash your inner artist using selected sketching and painting apps like:
    • Sketchbook Pro
    • Adobe Ideas
    • Bamboo Paper
  • Turn your surroundings into an amazing visual experience using KaleidaCam
  • Take a quiz with ArtHD to see what you really know

Pick up your Art iPad at the Welcome Desk. Each Art iPad checks out for one week. We also welcome suggestions to adding more great art apps, so let us know by emailing us at

Art iPads are available to Darien residents, those who work full-time in Darien, and Friends who have donated $300 or more. Patrons must be 18 years old to checkout an Art iPad.

New Banner Printer

It's huge!
It's huge!

Have you been waiting to print your banner out at the Library? Good news then! We retired our small banner printer and brought in this much larger version. You can print banners up to 42 inches wide by however many feet long. 

To get started, you can email your PDF file to Your file needs to be the same size as the actual print. For example, if you want to print a 2' x 3' poster, your file size should also be 2' x 3.' Please give us twenty-four hours notice if you wish to print via sending an email. Otherwise, please see the Help Desk on the Lower Level in the computer lab.

To print on matte (not shiny) paper, the cost is $6/sq ft. Glossy paper costs $7/sq ft.  


Borrow a pass to MoMA from the library!

Borrow this tote for your trip to MoMA!
Borrow this tote for your trip to MoMA!

We are pleased to announce a new highlight in the Darien Library collection: passes to the Museum of Modern Art in Manhattan!

The Library has seven of these passes available as part of a kit for visiting MoMA—the kit also includes some tips and tricks for making the most of your visit, a MoMA guidebook, a Metro-North train schedule and driving directions, and other tidbits. Each pass admits five people over the age of 16—those under 16 always visit MoMA free. So you can plan to take a big group with you!

How to reserve a pass:

The passes circulate for three days.  Passes can be reserved in person at the Welcome Desk, or over the phone (203-669-5239). At this time, passes can only be reserved by residents, members who work in Darien, and Friends of the Library at the $300 annual level or above.

Digital Media Lab

The DML's purpose is to give the Darien community access to high quality equipment for their digital projects. The room and equipment is reserved for special projects instead of general computing which is available in the Power Library. The lab was made possible thanks to the Friends of the Library and a reverse auction held at the 2012 spring's Imagination Gala.

To make a reservation, please contact the Help Desk via email or call 203-669-5238. If you will need help in using the equipment, please ask for a one-on-one appointment as well.

Use of the Lab is available for Darien residents, those who work in Town, and Friends at the $300 level or higher. The Lab will be available for 2 to 4 hour reservable time slots. Members f14+ may use the Lab unassisted while anyone younger needs to be with an adult.

Digital Media Lab

3D Printer

Print your own creation or an object from Thingiverse. Learn more about 3D printing.

Mac Pro Computer

This computer has the Mountain Lion OSX operating system and 8 GB of RAM.

Dual Screen Monitors

These wall-mounted 23" monitors are adjustable since they are mounted onto movable arms.

Green Screen

Pretend to be anywhere that you can dream using the green screen! Simply record a video against the greenscreen and then import that footage and your digital background into Final Cut Pro or iMovie.


Use the camcorder only in the DML. 

Light Box

Use this light box to film or take photos of your Etsy items!

Lighting Kit

Each light stand comes with a light, reflector, adjustable stand, and an umbrella. 

CD/DVD Replicator

Burn up to 11 CDs or DVDs at once!

3D Mouse

Use the 3DConnexion mouse to navigate in Google Earth.

Wacom Bamboo Tablet

A Wacom tablet has verstile uses from being used to create art, signing documents, or helping relieve pain from Carpal Tunnel Syndrome.


Scan your photos, documents, 35mm slides, and 35mm negatives.


Use these monitoring headphones for great feedback on your records in the DML.

External Hard Drives

Check out an external hard drive to take your project files home! Compatible with Macs and PCs

Yeti Mics

With three mics available, you can bring along your friends to record a podcast, singing, and so much more!


Audio Production

  • Adobe Audition
  • Audacity
  • GarageBand

DVD Creation

  • Titanium Toast

eBook Creation

  • iBooks Author

Image Creation & Editing

  • Adobe Illustrator CS6
  • Adobe InDesign CS6
  • Adobe Photoshop CS6

Video Editing

  • Adobe After Effects CS6
  • Adobe Premiere CS6
  • Compressor
  • Final Cut Pro X
  • Handbrake
  • iMovie

Website Building

  • Adobe Dreamweaver CS6
  • Adobe Flash CS6
  • TextEdit

3D Modeling

  • Blender
  • Google SketchUp
Suggested Projects


Darien Library Mobile App

Darien Library Mobile App
Darien Library Mobile App

Access Darien Library on the go! Our mobile app will be available on Monday, July 1st, 2013 for all major platforms including iOS for iPhone/iPad and iPod Touch, Android, Kindle Fire and coming soon, Windows 8 phone.

Features include:

  • searching the catalog
  • placing and deleting holds
  • checking account information
  • downloading OverDrive ebooks and audiobooks
  • library event listings
  • general information such as hours and contact information
  • Facebook and Twitter feeds

Bonus features include using your device's camera to check out items right off the shelf to your account, and also scanning a book's ISBN number, for example, in a bookstore or a friend's house, to check if our library has a copy.

For more information, visit



Darien Library Mobile App

Darien Library App

Darien Library at your fingertips.

  • Book Look: While browsing in a bookstore, check to see if the Library already owns that book.
  • Self-Check: Use your phone's camera to check out items right off the shelf.
  • Catalog Search: Find and place holds while on the go. 
  • OverDrive Downloads: Check out eBooks and audiobooks.
  • Digital Services: Use apps from other digital services we subcribe to such as e-magazines, language learning, and more.
  • Event Listings: Find out what's happening at the Library today. 
  • Hours and Contact Information: Need to give us a call? Do it with one click.
  • Keep It Social: We're keeping things lively on Facebook and Twitter.

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