21 Things Week 5: Blogs and Tumblr

Image via Flickr user Scott Beale
Image via Flickr user Scott Beale

This week's topic was blogs and Tumblr.


Thing:  Check out three of the blogs mentioned and mention your favorite in the Comments section below.  Or mention a blog that you read regularly.

Thing:  Sign up for the Tumblr class this Thursday, February 14 at 10 a.m.


21 Things Week 3: Twitter and Facebook

This week's topics were Facebook and Twitter.

Thing:  E-mail the Children's Library (childrenslibrary@darienlibrary.org) your Twitter username. 

Thing:  Like the Children's Library on Facebook.

Thing:  Attend the Twitter and Facebook Workshop for Parents.  (This workshop is currently full, but if you complete one of the Things above, you'll still be entered in the weekly raffle!)



21 Things Week 1: Gadgets

Image via Flickr user sirwiseowl
Image via Flickr user sirwiseowl

This week's topic was gadgets. We talked about new tablets hitting the market and the potential for new access to  ebooks for libraries in 2013. By participating in at least one of the three Things below, you will be entered in our first weekly raffle. Week 1's prize is a Nook!

*Note: Week 1's e-mail mentioned that Overdrive and 3M apps could be purchased, they are actually available to download for free.

Thing: In the comments below, discuss your favorite tablet or ereader device. What do you use? What does your family use?

Thing: On Monday, January 14th at 10 a.m., Darien Library will host a screening of Connected, a documentary about the visible and invisible connections of our time, in the community room. Attend this screening or the encore show Thursday, January 17th at 7 p.m.!

Thing: On Tuesday, January 15th at 9:30 a.m., Darien Library and YWCA Parent Awareness will host Cyber Safety for Kids and Tweens, a panel discussion, in the community room. More information about the event can be found here.


21 Things: Apps (Week 8)

Image via Flickr user Jenny Downing
Image via Flickr user Jenny Downing

This week's topic was apps. 

Thing:  Discuss the following question in the Comments below.  Do you have any app recommendations--for kids or adults?

Thing:  Attend our Smart Apps, Sound Screentime Panel Discussion on Tuesday, March 13 at 9:30 a.m.  Touch screen technology and apps have changed the way even very young children interact with media, books and each other. But how much screentime is too much? Where do parents draw the line between healthy does of technology and oversaturation? How can parents find great, educational apps for different age groups? Hear from a panel of experts who will share their experiences and recommendations. This program is co-sponsored by Darien Library and YWCA Parent Awareness, members of Thriving Youth; Connected Community.

Thing:  App Chat on Thursday, March 15 at 4 p.m.  Join the Children's Librarians for this special edition of our monthly Children's Library Chat program.  We'll discuss great apps for different ages--everything from interactive e-Books to educational games.  We'll also share tips with parents and teachers on finding and evaluating apps for children.


21 Things: Shopping Online (Week 7)

Image via Flickr user hellojenuine
Image via Flickr user hellojenuine

This week's topic was fun stuff to do online--everything from crafting to shopping!

Thing:  Discuss the following questions in the Comments below.  Are there certain items you only shop online for?  Are there items you only buy in-person?

Thing:  Sign up for our Etsy Workshop on Tuesday, March 6.  If you have an eye for vintage or handmade goods, Etsy is the place for you.  Learn all about how to run an Etsy shop from Jennifer St. Jean (one of our Tech Panel bloggers, IttyBittyBag.com).


21 Things: Using the Library (Week 6)

Darien Library in the summer
Darien Library in the summer

Thing: In the Library's catalog, there is a specific tag given to a famous Beverly Cleary character. Find the items that have been tagged with this young girl's name. 

Hint: It's not Beezus, but ...

What is the very first book on the top of the list?  E-mail childrenslibrary@darienlibrary.org to let us know your answer!

Thing:  Write a review in Darien Library's online catalogue.  Look up a book, movie, or other item that you liked, or didn't like, and click on "Write a Review" under "Community Reviews" to add your thoughts.  E-mail childrenslibrary@darienlibrary.org to let us know you've written a review.

Thing:  Join us for a Tweet Up on Friday, March 2 at 11 a.m.  Using the hashtag #CLTweetUp, we'll be discussing Darien Library's interactive website and catalog.  Share your thoughts with us and other Twitter users!


21 Things: Blogs (Week 5)

Image via Flickr user futureshape
Image via Flickr user futureshape

This week's topic was Blogs. 

Thing:  Discuss these questions in the Comments section below.  Do you read any blogs?  Are there a few that you particularly enjoy?  Feel free to share suggestions with your fellow participants.

Thing:  Attend our Tech Moms panel discussion on February 15 at 9:30 a.m. and hear from local moms who successfully use blogs and Twitter personally and professionally.  RSVP online.

Thing:  Check out our Tech Moms' blogs!

Lisa Boncheck Adams, Jacquie Miller, Jennifer St. Jean, Nicole Lyons


21 Things: eBooks and eReaders (Week 4)

Image via Flickr user edwc
Image via Flickr user edwc

This week's topic was eBooks and eReaders.

Thing: Read this New York Times article about the “war” between libraries and publishers over eBooks. What do you think: Are some publishers being overly protective and missing a marketing opportunity? Or do you think libraries are a threat to the future of publishing? Add your thoughts in the Comments below.

Thing: Tweet-Up! Join the Children’s Librarians on Twitter next Friday, February 10 at 11am. Sign on from home, on the go, or at the Library to tweet about eBooks and eReaders. Use the hashtag #CLTweetUp to join the conversation.

Further Reading: The flexibility and ease of creation make eBooks a medium that changes the rules of publishing, editing, and content delivery. Read Nicolas Carr’s recent article in the Wall Street Journal on the eBook revolution and the future of publishing.

21 Things: Facebook and Google+ (Week 2)

The "Like" button Image via Flickr user Sean MacEntee

This week's topic was social media websites, specifically Facebook and Google+

Thing:  Discuss the following questions in the Comments below.  What is your opinion on children under 13 having Facebook profiles?  How should, or can, parents control the content their teens post online?  Or feel free to discuss these questions or any others you have about Facebook, Google+, or social media in general.

Thing:  Sign up for our Facebook/Google+ Workshop on Wednesday, January 25 at 9:30 a.m. 

Everyone who comments or attends the workshop will be entered into our weekly raffle.

21 Things: Gadgets (Week 1)

Smart phones - Image via Flickr users Dru Bloomfield
Smart phones - Image via Flickr users Dru Bloomfield

Our topic this week was Gadgets. 

Thing: What gadgets does your family own?  Which one(s) could you not live without?  Use the Comments section below to discuss these questions or any others you have about gadgets.

Thing:  Check out our Gadget Sandbox on Saturday, January 21 at 2 p.m. in the Children's Library for a chance to play with different tablets and e-readers, including Leapfrog's and Innotab's tablets for kids.

*Don't forget, everyone who completes a Thing is entered into the weekly raffle.  Participants who complete all 21 Things will be entered into a Finale Raffle for a Kindle Fire! 

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