Banned Books Week 2015

Drama by Raina Telgemeier was challenged in Texas last year.
Drama by Raina Telgemeier was challenged in Texas last year.

Did you know that the majority of books that are challenged or banned are for young adults?

This week the American Library Association puts on their annual celebration of our right to read. The ability to choose what we want to read (free of judgement) ensures that everyone has similar rights. That includes teens!

This year the library's teen and children's librarians are showcasing some of your favorite books that were recently challenged in states across the country.

The Washington Post recently wrote a piece on Banned Books Week, sharing why sometimes people challenge books. If you have any questions about why the public library is against censorship, ask teen librarian, Erica Gauquier.

Are you a Comics fan? Read about challenges to comics from the Comic Book Legal Defense Fund.

TAB: Halloween Movie Marathon

Scary films ahead!
Scary films ahead!
The Darien Library Teen Advisory Board Presents:

A Halloween Movie Marathon 


When: October 27th, 2012 from 4:00PM- 10:00PM.

What: We will be viewing: Casper the Friendly Ghost, The Sixth Sense, & The Haunting!

Where: In the Community Room of the Library.


*This program is open to all teens 13-18 years old.  Come hang with your friends, eat tons of free food, watch scary movies, and get into the Halloween spirit.*

Come dressed in your Halloween costume!

We Love Wednesdays-Candy Sushi

Candy Sushi
Candy Sushi

Come join us in the Teen Lounge today for We Love Wednesdays!  We will be making candy sushi in the Teen Lounge at 3:30 p.m.  If you have a sweet tooth, come share your creations!  We will provide Rice Krispies Treats, Fruit Roll-Ups, marshmellows, Twizzlers, and more. 

New Young Adult Books Now Located On Main Street

New YA Books Located On Main Street
New YA Books Located On Main Street

The Library is happy to announce you can now find your favorite young adult books from the Teen Lounge on the shelves of Main Street. The new teen books are located to the right of the Welcome desk in the display bay with the Library's catalogs. The Main Street teen collection consists of only the most popular, newest, and noteworthy titles that the industry has to offer. Check some out today, they are going fast!

3rd Annual Teen Writing Competition Awards Ceremony: March 31st.

Click here for pictures from last year's ceremony!
Click here for pictures from last year's ceremony!

Thank you to all the teens who have submitted their works to the 3rd Annual Teen Writing Competition. Please join us on March 31st at 2 p.m. in the Library's Community Room for an award ceremony with judges Dulcy Brainard, Melissa Crandall, and Marc Aronson. Enjoy refreshments and fun while we announce the eighteen winners across all catagories. Winners will take home a published copy of the book complete with all contest entries printed on an Espresso Book Machine. Please contact On Demand Books for information about the Espresso Book Machine

Teen Read Week: October 16th- 22nd


Teen Read Week 2011 is here and to honor it we are holding a READ OFF YOUR FINES event on October 18th from 2-9pm.  That means if your "caught" reading in the Library between the hours mentioned you will recieve a waiver card from Erica, Beth, or Alex.  If we didn't happen to see you, find us and let us know all about what you've read and we will be happy to give you waiver card. When you receive the card bring it to the front desk and hand it in to get all of your fines waived! It's that simple so don't let this oppertunity pass you by!

*Refreshments will be served*

Recommended Reading Cards

Hey Everyone! 

Have you had a chance to stop by the Teen Lounge lately?  For those of you in the know--and for those of you who aren't yet--we now have Recommended Reading Cards hanging from the shelves in the Teen area! 

What exactly are these cards, you ask?  Well, they highlight just a few of the great reads found in our collection that we, as your awesome librarians, think you'd enjoy!  They're also conveniently located on the bookshelves so that if you are struggling to find a new book (or you need one for a book report!) you can flip through any (and all) of the cards to find a read that appeals to you. The cards have been sorted by topics, so make sure you circle the lounge to see what else is there that might catch your eye. 

Recommended reading topics include:

  • Fantasy
  • Self-Esteem
  • Non-Fiction
  • Light, Feel-Good Reads
  • Diary and Journal
  • Friends and Friendship
  • Relationships, Romance, and Forever Friends
  • Mysteries
  • Stories of the Sea

We've tried to cover a variety of topics, but if you feel we've missed something, let us know, and we'll try to add more cards. 

Happy reading!


Digital Art Photo Contest

(photo courtesy of flickr user HaPe_Gera)

If you're into graphic design and computer animation, put your skills to the test and compete for a prize. Use the Macs in the Teen Lounge or design a project at home. Hand your photo to a teen librarian on or before June 27th.  If I haven't already received your entry stop in today at 2PM in the Teen Lounge to add your finishing touches!


*The winner will be notified at the end of the week.*




Make Your Own Lip Balm

Stop by the Teen Lounge today, June 21st at 3PM for a chance to make your very own tube of lip gloss! Choose the color and flavor.  Add a little bit of pink or a lot!

Refreshments will be served. 

Exam Snack Attack in the Teen Lounge

(photo courtesy of Flickr user Stepheye)

Finals got you down?

Take a break on us! Come to the Teen Lounge for coffee and refreshments provided by Uncle's Brainfood Cafe.

Study Break Times:

Wednesday, June 8th at 5:00PM

Thursday, June 9th at 7:30PM

Sunday, June 12th at 7:00PM

Monday, June 13th at 7:30PM

Tuesday June 14th at 7:30PM


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