Video Tutorials for Minecrafters

Night time on the Darien Minecraft server
Night time on the Darien Minecraft server

We want to help you play a better game! We know that you may have questions or run into problems while playing Minecraft so we've created a list of videos to help you work through them.

Check out these videos explaining the simple plugins we've enabled to help you with some problems you might experience while crafting.





1) Grief Prevention:

This tutorial shows you how to prevent all forms of grief including theft, spam, and break-ins.  We've installed the Grief Prevention plugin to help.  Grief Prevention stops grief before it starts automatically without any effort from administrators, and with very little effort from players.


2) iConomy:

iConomy helps you create a thriving economy on the server.  This plugin allows you to customize every aspect of your currency as well as control supply and demand and hold auctions among other things.


3) Lockette:

This plugin allows you to restrict access to the contents in your chests, dispensers, furnaces, and doors.  All you have to do is post a sign directly beside the contatiner you want locked.


4) Simple Spleef:

Get your Spleef on!  We've got a spleef arena already set up, build your skills and get spleefing!


5)  Mob Repellent:

Repel those angry mobs with Mob Repellent.  Construct repellers that prevent hostile mobs from spawning within a certain distance of your structure.  While it doesnt guarentee mobs won't spawn, it can be helpful!


6) Minecraft Wiki:

Wikipedia for Minecraft! For all your Minecrafting needs, Minecraftwiki has all the answers.


7) Darien Library's World Map:

Know where you are in the world.  Check out this arial view of the entire Darien Library Minecraft server and see what corners you may not have had a chance to explore yet! 



Know of any other plugins you think we should have?  Do you have any other ideas on how we could improve our Minecraft world here at the library?  Leave a comment and let us know what you think!

DLteen is now on tumblr.

(Photo courtesy of chadarizona)
(Photo courtesy of chadarizona)

Dlteen is now on tumblr. Follow us at: We are following all sorts of cool music, art, technology, fashion, comics, news, science, books, and other teen stuff. Check it out now!

Video of 3rd Annual Teen Writing Competition Awards Ceremony

Congratulations to all of our winners! To end our wonderful teen writing competition we invited the teens and there families to join us on March 31st at 2 p.m. in the Library's Community Room for an award ceremony with judges Dulcy Brainard, Melissa Crandall, and Marc Aronson.

New Young Adult Books Now Located On Main Street

New YA Books Located On Main Street
New YA Books Located On Main Street

The Library is happy to announce you can now find your favorite young adult books from the Teen Lounge on the shelves of Main Street. The new teen books are located to the right of the Welcome desk in the display bay with the Library's catalogs. The Main Street teen collection consists of only the most popular, newest, and noteworthy titles that the industry has to offer. Check some out today, they are going fast!

3rd Annual Teen Writing Competition Awards Ceremony: March 31st.

Click here for pictures from last year's ceremony!
Click here for pictures from last year's ceremony!

Thank you to all the teens who have submitted their works to the 3rd Annual Teen Writing Competition. Please join us on March 31st at 2 p.m. in the Library's Community Room for an award ceremony with judges Dulcy Brainard, Melissa Crandall, and Marc Aronson. Enjoy refreshments and fun while we announce the eighteen winners across all catagories. Winners will take home a published copy of the book complete with all contest entries printed on an Espresso Book Machine. Please contact On Demand Books for information about the Espresso Book Machine

Teens MineCraft!

Bomberman in MineCraft courtesy of Jason
Bomberman in MineCraft courtesy of Jason

Last week our MineCraft Tech Time Building Competition was a great success. 

Teens set out to create everything from a replica of the library to giant Creeper statues that exploded!

Check out our Flickr stream to see screenshots of the amazing designs they came up with.


Watch this space and our Flickr stream for more awesome creations each week!


The Hunger Games: a trivia contest

On Tuesday, March 13th at 5:30 p.m. in the Community Room of the Library we welcome you to the Hunger Games...trivia contest at Darien Library. Teens between the ages of 12-18 are cordially invited to form teams and challenge opponents in this battle to the "death". Think you know the Hunger Games? This is the Hunger Games like you've never seen them before. All trivia questions are based on the first book of the trilogy so you need not have read the the last two books to partake in the festivities. 

Everyone who participates gets a box set of The Hunger Games trilogy. Winner takes home two free movie tickets to the premiere showing of the film and a sweet poster from the movie!  In addition, we will also have a raffle for two Hunger Games T-shirts for everyone who comes to watch.

*Refreshments and Pizza will be served!

A Very MineCrafter-y Competition!

Photo courtesy of Charlene Kelley and Candy Bar Cupcakes
Photo courtesy of Charlene Kelley and Candy Bar Cupcakes

 MineCraft is taking over Tech Time!


Get your craft skills together and come join us this Thursday at 3:30 for a Minecraft building competition!!


The rules are...there are no rules.  Use all your skills and creativity to create the coolest Minecraft buildings, mazes, landscapes, anything you want!

Creations will be judged through the following categories: most creative, coolest individual component, most complex, most realistic, and best overall concept.


Each week we will post the winners in all their crafty glory right here on the teen site.

Watch this space and you might see your own Minecraft creations!

Want to go private?

Want to know me?

Want to see me?

Want to call me?

Want to trust me?

Want to love me?

Want to go private?

It's the summer after 8th grade and Abby Johnson is about to enter high school. That should be exciting enough, but Abby is bored with her life. She is pretty much good at everything she does and nothing is really a challenge. She is beautiful, athletic, smart, and gets prefect grades in school.

Faith is Abby's bestfriend and has been since childhood. They spend all day together in classes and the minute they get home from school they meet up in online chatrooms at, a new virtual second-life-type website for teens.

Today is like any other day chatting online to Faith except today she starts chatting with someone else in the chatroom, someone she doesn't know. It's not long before "Kyle" wants "to go private" with Abby claiming they have some much in common to talk about. This would be cool except that Kyle is 27 and Abby is only 14.  

Turning low tech into high tech

Dixon crossing Niagara below the Great Cantilever Bridge, U.S.A. 1895-1903
-photo courtesy of NYPL
Dixon crossing Niagara below the Great Cantilever Bridge, U.S.A. 1895-1903 -photo courtesy of NYPL


NYPL gives viewers the opportunity to take 19th century images and turn them into 21st century GIF files.


Stereograms, invented in 1838 by Charles Wheatstone, are pairs of two dimensional images shot from different angles in such a way that they mimic the vantage points of our left and right eyes. When viewed through a stereoscope, the combined images pop out in 3D.


Stereograms were hugely popular in the 19th century and often used to give audiences glimpses of parts of the world they may never have been able to see before. Even more recently, NASA has used the stereogram technology to take 3D pictures on Mars to better see what the landscape of the planet looks like.


Last month, the New York Public Library's experimental Labs department ( unveiled its latest digitization project, the Stereogranimator. This cool new tool enables users to take old stereograms from the 19th century and turn them into 21st century animated images. Using the Stereogranimator (, you can choose an image and then the speed and composition of your animation and start creating a flickering image that looks 3D! The Stereogranimator also gives you the option to create an old school red and blue 3D image that can be viewed through 3D glasses (not the ones you kept from that movie you saw last week!).


Check out NYPL's website for other low tech to high tech projects and start making your own animated images today! Add them to your website or next school project!

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