If you and your children have been enjoying the Early Literacy iPad Kits along with the iPad mounted in the Children's Library, we have great news!  We recently revamped our kits to include newly acquired apps for you and your children to enjoy! We've also organized the apps, old and new, into convenient folders.

Updated list of Early Literacy iPad Apps

Additional resources on digital literacy and children

Place a hold on an Early Literacy iPad Kit



Hey Marian! I love this post.

Hey Marian! I love this post. I put a link of it on my education technology blog. The picture is really cute also!

Thanks, Caitlin! I'm glad

Thanks, Caitlin! I'm glad we're coming in handy for schoolwork. Let us know if you have any questions about the iPads.

This iPad kit is an excellent

This iPad kit is an excellent tool for parents of young children who want to expose their children to new tools for literacy. The children's library staff did a wonderful job choosing appropriate and fun apps for the iPad. I know my daughter looks forward to using the Early Literacy iPad again soon. Thank you to the wonderful staff at the children's library for all you do for our children.

Thanks, Susan! We're so

Thanks, Susan! We're so happy you guys liked the EL Kit! Thanks for testing it out for us and making suggestions!