The work of Trish Monahan
The work of Trish Monahan

July 22nd through September 2nd

Closing Reception Friday, August 29th from 6 to 8 p.m.

In her own words, "As an artist, I always seek to explore and capture moments of wonder in the natural world: the feeling of an open meditative space infused with light, the geometric patterns of a landscape, bodies in motion, twisted trees and gardens that tangle. These constantly changing rhythms and colors fascinate me, for in nature we find the vital force, the very essence of life itself.

My art education came mostly from seeing, from looking deeply at things, and from being exposed to so much great art in the cities where I have visited and lived. It seems I have been been studying art and science for most of my life. After attending art and design classes at Wayne State University, Parsons School of Design and The Art Students League, I fine-tuned my eye working as a textile artist and clothing designer for several years in New York. I now paint in Westport, Connecticut as a member of "The Art Studio."

For many years now I have also been working in the Natural Healing field and this certainly influences my artwork. Working hands-on with people in such a close way increases your sensitivity to subtle currents of energy and what lies beneath the surface. The deeper unspoken truths are an integral part of my work, and I hope it is something the viewer feels when observing my paintings.