So, there we were in our new Green building (LEED Gold!) with our second author in our Grand Opening Author Series, Deirdre Imus! Deirdre, the author of the bestselling "Green This!" series, has a new book out -- The Essential Green You! : Easy Ways To Detox Your Diet, Your Body, And Your Life, and she was here last night to talk to us about all things GREEN. From the state of our health (especially that of our children), to the impact of cleaning products, makeup, toiletries, plastics, fabrics, food, soy, dairy, toxic jeans, toxic tee shirts...

There were several audience members taking notes last night and lots more that purchased one (or all) of Deirdre's books. A book signing followed the presentation and the author was so gracious and enthusiastic -- chatting with all that came up to the table.

We had a huge crowd last night for this event. We are pleased and proud to have been able to bring such an important program to Darien -- one that's clearly important to our Members. We extend a huge thank you to Dierdre Imus for bringing such grace and warmth to what is often a scary and cold topic.

P.S. She loved our Library!