Holly Hurd
Holly Hurd

Thursday, September 20 at 10 a.m.

Learn the five things mom entrepreneurs have in common and hear from moms who are currently running their own ventures. Even if you don't want to start a business, you'll find this panel discussion fun and inspiring. Ideal for anyone who has questions about how to turn a hobby into a business or take a current venture to the next level, topics will include picking the right name, marketing, and using social media to build your brand.

Panelists include Stacey Bewkes of The Quintessence Blog, Jennifer St. Jean of the Itty Bitty Bag Company, Jennifer Covello from Fritabello Baby Journals, and two moms from RT Picture Works, Gwynne Tibbetts and Bambi Riegel.

Audience members who have venture ideas will be chosen to pitch their project and get feedback from the panel.

This panel will be moderated by Holly Hurd, founder of VentureMom.com, a web site devoted to covering moms who have their own businesses. Holly has interviewed hundreds of moms in all areas making her uniquely qualified to speak on entrepreneurship for the small start up. Her web site offers a directory, a free newsletter and the VentureMom Shop which showcases the products of many of the moms she covers.