"Great good places" are defined as third places; in contrast to home (first places) and work (second places), third places are the heart of the community -- a neutral place where people gather and interact. In his book, The Great Good Place, author Ray Oldenburg explores the essential roles served by the third place and its impact on the social vitality of the community.

Heart of the Community. Gather. Essential. Social vitality. These are all words that happen to describe Darien Library, don't you think? Manny Perez, documentary filmmaker must have thought so, too. After months and months of filming at Darien Library... and getting to know us... and our members... and all we strive to achieve, this documentary director/photographer/editor/producer aptly named his documentary film about us, "Darien Library: The Great Good Place."

During the months and months of filming, we also got to know Manny Perez -- a talented, tireless, devoted, and creative filmmaker and man of integrity. We are so proud to have had the opportunity to work with him. We are also proud to premiere the documentary to the public today and say "Greetings from The Great Good Place."

Darien Library: The Great Good Place from Darien Library on Vimeo.


I watched with interest the

I watched with interest the film about the library. It is an interesting film and I am happy that everyone loves the library. I would say, that the auditorium was a dreadful mistake. I have watched elderly people fall down and it is not at all versatile. I do have a suggestion. Move the restaurant downstairs and have sliding doors put there, so when there is more people than the room can hold, chairs could be added. Nobody sees the art, which is downstairs, except those that use the computers. I have spoken to many people that use the library and they did not know that there was an art gallery downstairs. It would have been nice if the gallery was in the main part of the library. It would add colour and interest. The sinks in the wash rooms are not well designed. Water seems to gather and the drying machine blows the paper out of the container for the used paper towels. That is in the main level bathroom. I have often picked up the towels from the floor and had to wipe the area surrounding the sinks. You do have a wonderful collection of books and I have had not had any trouble finding what I want.

I'd like to thank ruthgee for

I'd like to thank ruthgee for helping to keep the rest rooms clean!