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This week's topic was Makers and Maker Culture. From soldering to 3D printing to cooking and home improvement, we learned that everyone has a bit of a Maker in them. By participating in at least one of the Things listed below, you will be entered into this week's raffle (a gift from Darien's own Etsy shop owner, Jen of ITTY BITTY BAG!)

Thing: Attend our TED Talks on Monday, January 6 at 11am, or watch the playlist here. Be sure to tell us in the comments below what you thought about the videos.

Thing: In the comments section below, respond to the following: We are all Makers of some kind. What have you and your family “made” together? Do you fix or repair things on your own? Have you explored Make Magazine, Pinterest, Instructables, or another online “Do It Yourself” website? 

Thing: Attend the Etsy 101 Workshop on Friday, January 10 at 10am. Register here.

Thing: Take a tour of the Children's Library's T|E|A Room. Stop in on your next visit and ask a Librarian for more information.