21 Things for 21st Century Parents


21 Things is a self-directed course designed to introduce parents, adults, and interested individuals to advances in technology, web tools, and social media, starting Monday, January 12th through Friday, March 13th. Each week you will receive an email from the Children's Library detailing a tech topic which you may read at your leisure. There will be links for further reading and learning, as well as opportunities for in-person discussions, workshops, and hands-on training. Each week, we will put up a post on the 21 Things homepage, which will serve as an online forum for discussion and communication between participants. Participation in any discussion or workshop will earn you one raffle ticket for our grand prize raffle, to be drawn at the end of the 21 Things for 21st Century Parents Online Course.

The Children's Librarians are available in-person and by email (childrenslibrary@darienlibrary.org) if you have any questions or to guide you through a topic or website.

Have fun!

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