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The 2012 edition

Our 21 Things for 21st Century Parents program has concluded for 2013, but the web portion of the course is available for viewing. 

Each winter Darien Children's Library offers this self-directed course for parents to learn about and engage in new and emerging technology. Each week parents receive an email about the tech topics with links to additional articles or videos. There are weekly "things" (assignments) that encourage participants to play with the new technology. Those that complete the "things" are entered into weekly raffles for prizes. The online course is also supported by in-person workshops and hands-on demonstrations.

Since technology development moves at the speed of light, each year is a bit different. For the past few years popular topics have included: Twitter, Facebook, Tumblr, Gadgets, Homework 2.0, MakerCulture, Gaming and Photosharing. This year the Children's Library also experimented with hosting several TweetUps during the series. Participants are given many opportunities to learn at their own pace. 

21 Things will return again in Winter 2014.