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Hopscotch, an app for kids that teaches coding and logic

Summer has finally begun! Before everyone puts their math and science books aside to take up summer beach reads, we here in the Children's Library wanted to share two apps that are computer science and logic oriented and aim to teach kids how to write code!

The two new Apple apps - Hopscotch (ages 6-12) and Kodable (ages 5+) - emphasize helping kids exercise the logic side of their brain and understanding the conceptual arrangement of programming. They both draw upon kid's natural tendency to solve puzzles, and expose kids to the concept of logic puzzles.

Programming (or coding) is basically building websites, apps, and programs using commands in a specific language. Think of how a colon signals a break and the start of a new line of text - that's a very basic coding command.

The app Hopscotch (ages 6-12, FREE) provides users with a list of commands which can easily be manipulated to create actions or simple animations. Users will delight in the ability to tweak and adjust their own animations with simple, straightforward commands.It's fascinating to see how a few small adjustments can drastically change the outcome of the animations.

Kodable (ages 5+, FREE but extra levels are $1.99) is another notable app which serves as a great stepping stone for puzzle enthusiasts that may very well be on their way to becoming expert coders. It is, in effect, a logic game. Users are presented with a short maze and a fluffy smiling ball that must be navigated through the maze. Users adjust the path that the fluff ball must follow on his way out of the maze.

Both apps really emphasize the "logic" aspect of writing code - with every command there must be an end command, and all commands must fall in a very specific order.

Download one of the apps today and get those logic muscles moving! Also, be sure to stay tuned to the Children's Library for some very exciting computer programming classes we'll be offering this fall.