One of our Early Literacy iPad Kits
One of our Early Literacy iPad Kits

Librarian-Selected Apps for the Early Literacy iPad Kits

The Children's Library has six Early Literacy iPads availble for checkout. The kits come pre-loaded with selected apps geared towards children ages 2 to 5.  The apps were specially selected for their early literacy skill-building qualities.  As we discover great new apps, we will update the iPad kits periodically.  In the meantime, here is the current list of apps you will find installed on Darien Library's Early Literacy iPads:

Concepts, Matching & Numbers Apps:

Montessori Counting Board: Learn how to count the Montessori way: by sight, sound, and touch.

Lingo Zoo: Users assemble jigsaw puzzles of animals and learn their names in both English and Spanish. One of the Children's Library's most popular apps!

ABC Pocket Phonics: a simply-designed app that reinforces letter knowledge. Children are encouraged to trace letter shapes and repeat the sounds.

eliasMATCH: A well-designed app that boosts memory and thinking skills, while also developing letter knowledge, number recognition, and vocabulary.

Hickory Dickory Dock: a visually stunning app that helps teach children numbers and how to read a clock face, all while enjoying a unique twist on the clasic nursery rhyme.

Eddy's Number Party!: Students readying for kindergarten will benefit from this educational number identifiation app. The fun matching aspect of the games will keep young users attentive and engaged.

Touch the Thing: Eleven different scenes (jungle, street, fruits/vegetables, etc) allows users to touch objects and hear the name of it in TEN different languages.

Alphabet and Learn-to-Read Apps:

Bob Books #1- Reading Magic: The classic beginning reader books have been digitized and transformed into an interactive learn-to-read app. Very simple, like the books, but with the added bonus of hearing the words pronounced when needed.

ABC Alphabet Phonics: A very simple app for building and promoting letter recongnition.

Intro to Letters Montassorium: A sleekly designed app that helps build letter knowledge by teaching the sounds, shapes, and names of the alphabet.

Little Pim Spanish: Developed for native English speakers wishing to learn basic vocabulary in Spanish. Divided into parts such as Eating and Drinking, PlayTime, and Wake Up Smiling.

Endless Alphabet: An intuitive and easy way to expose pre-readers and new learners to letters, phonetics, and new vocabulary. New words are added each week at no cost - and the app is Free!

LetterSchool: An award winner for 2013 as announced by the Children's Technology Review, this program stands out among letter-recognition apps for its highly usable interface and jazzy imagery.

ABC Food: An app from the award-winning ABC app series by PeaPod Labs, this is a great app for drumming up interest in new and unique foods that some users may not already be familiar with, and also educates children with new vocabulary and spelling.

Interactive eBooks:

PopOut! Peter Rabbit: One of our very favorite book-based apps. Children can listen to the narrator read this classic tale while also engaging with the interactive pop-up style illustrations.

Moo Baa La La La: A hilarious iPad adaptation of the best-selling board book by author/illustrator Sandra Boynton. Children can read or be read to while learning animal sounds, and discovering hidden interactive features in this barnyard romp.

Barynyard Dance: Stomp your feet! Clap your hands! Everybody ready for a barnyard dance! An action-packed, super fun and musical rendition of Sandra Boynton's popular book of the same name.

Blue Hat, Green Hat: Sandra Boynton hits another homerun with this hilarious interactive eBook that adds another fun dimension to her already beloved book.

3 Little Pigs: A highly readable version of the classic tale that is also entertaining and interactive. Blow into the microphone to help the Big Bad Wolf blow down the pigs’ houses. Great fun!

Nursery Rhyme with Storytime: Classic rhymes like Jack and Jill and Three Blind Mice come to life in this highly interactive, music-filled app that supports phonological awareness and helps build hand-eye coordination.

Cat in the Hat: Dr. Seuss’ classic book is brought to life in this interactive app that reinforces print awareness and vocabulary-building.

Olivia Acts Out: The adventures of Olivia (that fabulous pig) are adapted into this narrated storybook app. The style is taken from the Olivia TV series, as opposed to the original books, but it is still an entertaining reading experience for young Olivia fans.

Elmer & Rose: Adapted from the popular book series, Elmer the Elephant and his friend Rose learn the meaning of being different and being loved.

Don't Let the Pigeon Run This App!:  From the genius behind the beloved Pigeon books comes a fantastic app that lets you create your own pigeon stories and draw with Mo Willems himself!

My Little Pony's Twilight Sparkle: Teacher for a Day: The reboot of the classic 80's cartoon now has an app. It's a colorful world filled with ample pink and purple where friendship abounds!

Go Away, Big Green Monster: The innovative die-cut picture book classic comes alives in a fresh new way in this clever app.

The Monster At the End of This Book....starring Grover!: The app version of the Sesame Street classic immerses children in the story. It is a surefire way to launch a giggle fit!

Hugless Douglas: Based on the book of the same name by David Melling, this app includes well-thought functions and discoverable features that will keep readers of all ages engaged and amused.

Grimm's Sleeping Beauty: An eBook app version of the classic fairy tale, this app shows readers a fresh new take on a familiar story. Princess enthusiasts and story-book readers alike will delight in this fun and explorative eBook app.

Sensory Apps:

Build and Play 3D: A great app for learning about sequencing, puzzle completion, and machines. Kids assemble the different parts of machines, and upon complettion the machines come to life. Great for transportation and puzzle lovers.

Peek-A-Zoo: App for learning and recognizing different emotions and animals. Great way for kids to develop knowledge of new concepts and animal names.

Toca Band: Great exploratory app that encourages creative play with the use of sounds, different instruments, characters, and beats.

Spot the Dot: Kids will love the journey of scouring through pictures for a colored dot, all the while learning color names and boosting their concentration and memorability.

Make it Pop!: This app will keep kids intrigued as they pop letters and shapes, while learning about colors, numbers, and more.

Sound Shaker: Tilt, tap, and shake the iPad to move colored circles on the screen to hear new sounds. Pop the circles to reveal a bird and watch him fly away. This app emphasizes awareness of cause and effect.

Goosed-Up Rhymes: Not only will these Mother Goose nursery rhymes help young children develop phonological awareness, a key early literacy skill, but they are hilarious and entertaining for grown-ups, too.

Head2Toes: Rosemary Wells created the featured bunny in this entertaining, multilingual app. Children can sing along to Head, Shoulders, Knees and Toes in English, French, Spanish, and Japanese.

eliasPAINTS: A fun coloring app that inspires creativity. Children can choose from animal, alphabet, number, or object coloring pages.

Musical Me: A music education app for young children. They'll learn about different instruments, notes, and rhythm- all while having a rocking good time.

Highlights Hidden Pictures: Kids will love the app version of the classic hidden pictures puzzles from Highlight Magazine. The simple and satisfying gameplay supports critical thinking and analytical skills.

ABA Sight Words: A fantastic app for kindergarteners learning to read and for children on the spectrum that may need extra guidance when it comes to vocabulary building.

Picture Me Calm:  Enables users to upload their own photos and use them to create picture schedule systems for children on the autism spectrum or with special needs. Great for reinforcing morning, bedtime, and meal time rituals.

See. Touch. Learn.: An invaluable app for parents, educators, and therapists to use with children with special needs to work on learning new concepts and improving communication skills. The free app version provides 32 flash cards and 6 lessons, and additional sets and flash cards are available for in-app purchase ranging from $.99-$3.99.

First Words Sampler: An early phonics and letter recognition app for new readers. Clear, bright imagery will help with noun and item recognition.

Touch and Learn: Emotions: This app helps children on the spectrum develop recognition of different emotions and facial expressions through identification practices and positive reinforcement.

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