Crow by Barbara Wright

Crow by Barbara Wright
Crow by Barbara Wright

The Darien Kid Bloggers bring you two new book reviews this month.

by Barbara Wright

This historical fiction book is about a boy named Moses around the year of 1900. His father works at the local newspaper company, and he makes a decent living. Moses is teaching his grandmother named Boo Nanny to read. She is also finally telling the stories of when she was a slave. African Americans are finally somewhat getting the respect and positions of power in Wilmington, North Carolina. But not everyone is happy with the situation. Some of them will do anything, including a violent plot, to maintain what they are comfortable with.

I, personally, like the style of Christopher Paul Curtis better about the same topics. With grandma’s stories jumping back and forth, it is hard to keep track and easy to get confused for me. But I do think it is a good book and most kids will enjoy this story.


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