Building a library for the 21st Century has presented us with some unique challenges. Twenty years ago, we were still using the card catalog and stamping due dates onto little strips of paper that were taped to the inside of our book covers. I remember those days fondly. But things change and progress happens. Now we have new elements in the library with names like RFID (radio frequency identity) tags, materials handling systems, online catalogs, digital signage, and WiFi.

Look at our materials handling system in action:

Our intent, of course, is not to make the library a less impersonal place. To the contrary--we want to employ our technology in ways that allow our librarians to spend more time with our most valuable asset: you! It takes a while to get it right though. Your new library has so many new bells a whistles and there are a myriad of little virtual knobs to tweak and turn to get it all right. We're working on it. In the meantime, feel free to grab any of us and tell us how we can improve your library experience. We're here for you!