These are great snuggly rhymes & songs that end with you giving your baby and sweet smooch, tickle or his favorite - peek-a-boo!



(work your way across your baby's hand like This Little Piggy wiggling each of them one at a time)
Here’s my momma
Here’s my poppa
Brother tall - Sister, Baby,
I love them all
(wrap your hands around baby’s, kiss thumbs and open up hands wide)


This Little Baby
This little baby rocked in the cradle (start with baby’s thumb)
This little baby jumped in bed (move across hand one finger at a time)
This little baby crawled on the carpet
This little baby bumped his/her head
And this little baby played hide and seek
Where’s the little baby? (hide yours or the baby’s eyes)


These are Baby’s Fingers
These are baby’s fingers (wiggle fingers)
These are baby’s toes (wiggle toes)
This is baby’s belly button
Round and round it goes! (tickle baby’s tummy)


Pizza Pizza Pumpernickel
Pizza pizza pumpernickel (clap hands or bounce)
My little one shall have a tickle
One for his/her nose (tickle nose)
One for his/her toes (tickle toes)
One for his/her belly where the hot-dog goes! (tickle belly)


Away up High
Away up high in the apple tree (lift baby up)
I saw a little baby smiling at me.
I shook that tree as hard as I could (shake baby gently)
Down came the baby (bring baby down into a hug)
Mmm, was she good! (give baby a kiss)


Great A, Little a
Great A, little a (clap baby’s hands)
Bouncing B,
The cat’s in the cupboard
But she can’t see me! (hide yours or baby’s eyes)


Round and Round the Garden
Round and round the garden went the teddy bear (walk fingers on baby’s palm)
One step, two steps (jump fingers up arm)
Tickly under there (tickle under arm)