A Game a Day


Enjoy a new game, brain teaser, trivia game and challenge your concentration, memory and knowledge. One new game each weekday for ages 9-99.


Cartoon Network


Not that you need a link to a site you've got memorized!


Discovery Kids


Games, puzzles, mind teasers and more on this site - be sure to check out the Yucky Fun & Games! for Creepy Crafts, Revolting Recipies and Icky Experiments!


Fun Brain


Play games that make you smarter. Oh, and by the way, you can read Diary of a Wimpy Kid by Jeff Kinney online here!


Fun School


What?!?!? Fun and School in the same sentance?  Yes kids, that's right. Tons of games are found on this site for all ages from Preschoolers to Middle Schoolers.




A collection of free online games involving competitive tagging. Sign up, but no fees. Does you get lost in games like solitaire? Those hours can help make The Web a better place!



PBS Kids


There are tons and tons and tons and tons of games on this site!


Professor Garfield


Games about art, music, science and math. There are even phonics games for younger children!