Chat - fun monitored Chats:


Meet new friends online from anywhere in the world as well as play games, take polls and share on the message boards.



Chat is perfect for chatting it up after school, on a break from studying, TV, video games or....whatever. You can blab about whatever is on your mind: movies and their stars, last nite's game, today's new video game or just about life. Sure there are rules - everybody's gotta have 'em - but nothing too harsh.  Chat on the East Coast is open from 2pm - 10pm.


XBlock - iSafe Chat

Check schedule for chat times and sign up for their newsletter.


Email Pals - the PenPal of the 21st century:

Book BackChat

This project uses email to discuss books of interest. You can also look at past chats in the archives.



Find an e-mail pal or go to Student Talk an post on the message board. You can read and post messages to people around the world in several languages. Talk to your teacher about doing this for a class project!



This international organization's goal is to involve kids up to age 15 in a global dialog. Create your own homepage, submit photos and communicate with kids from all over the world!


Online Book Clubs:

e-Pals Book Club

Join the epals book club and share discussions about books, authors, and share stories and poetry.


Flashlight Readers

Can't get enough of your favorite books? Join this virtual book club - it's free!  Connect about books, authors, and reading on our Flashlight Reader message bOnce you've created your account, you'll have access to moderated author chats, instant messaging with other readers, and you can engage in interactive games that bring your favorite books to life.


Kids Who Read

One of the largest online book clubs for kids.