We've been introducing our glades, broad subject areas that group similar areas of the Dewey Decimal System. We want our members to get to know their favorite glades, but for those of you looking for the big picture (and a Dewey cheat sheet), we thought we'd put up the big list. As you might expect, there are exceptions to these Dewey guidelines, but this list is where the Dewey numbers generally ended up.

Body & Soul is where you’ll find books on religion, philosophy, self-help and health.
100s and 200s (Philosophy and Religion)
360s and 600 - 619 (Health and Medicine)
362s and 646s (Self Help)
155s and 649s (Childcare and Parenting).

Over in Nature are all the books on science, math and animals.
500s, 620s and 660s (Science and Math)
590s and 636-639 (Animals and Pets).

Home has the books on hobbies, crafts, decorating, cooking and gardening.
580, 630 - 635, 712 - 719 (Gardening and Landscape Design)
395s, 640s, 793.1 - 793.2 (Cooking and Entertaining)
688s, 745.1 - 746.9, 748, 749, 769 (Crafts and Collectibles)
643s, 680, 684, 690s (Home Repair and How-to)
747 (Interior Design)

Places is for the globetrotters among us- travel books, phrase books and travel writing.
400s (Language Instruction and Grammar) Places has the langauge books for languages other than English.
910.2 - 910.5, 914 - 919 (Travel)

Work is all business. Books on finance, accounting, marketing, college admissions, test preparation and the economy are here.
320s, 340s (Government and Law)
331, 650.14 (Careers and Testing)
370s (Schools and Education)
330s, 650s, 651, 657 - 659 (Business and Management)
332 (Investments)

Come and Play, where you’ll see books on sports, cars and recreation.
647, 793, 793.4 - 799, 947.3 (Sports and Recreation)
622 - 629 796.7 - 796.8, 797.1 - 797.15, 797.5 - 797.57 (Transportation)

Life and Times is the largest group with history, memoir and biography. Since this is such a large group of books, we're going to be splitting it in two soon- History and Current Events will become Times, while Memoir, Biography and Autobiography will become Lives.
335, 358 - 359, 623 and the 900s (minus travel) (History and Warfare)
363.29, 364, 365 (Disasters and True Crime)
92s and 920s (Biographies)

The lovely Art and Literature has beautiful art books, literature, and writing.
700 - 712, 730s, 750s, 770s (Fine Arts)
780s, 793.3, 812, 822, 823, 832, 842, 852, etc (Performing Arts)
720 - 729 (Architecture and Design)
800s, 100s, 400s (Literature and Poetry)

That covers everything on the second floor, but the technically-inclined will notice that Tech books aren't listed here. The Tech glade is located in the Power Library on the Lower Level. The Dewey numbers are 004 - 007 and we wanted our technology books to be with the technology labs and staff.

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