Reviews by Amanda G.
How I learned to cook!
If I said that this book alone taught me how to cook, I'd be lying. However, the first wholesome recipe I ever fell in love with came from within these pages. I watched my friend refer to her copy as she made lasagnas, pies, and the steak she made when I graduated college. Since then I've bought my own copy and whenever I need some inspiration or just feel like learning about cooking, I take my copy off the shelf and indulge.
Plan your novel today!
Dr. Schmidt gives you a through overview of the mindset to get ready to produce a novel and then gives you extremely detailed worksheets to help you get through the month.

I'm more of a fan of the Plot, What Plot? drive of National Novel Writing Month (NaNoWriMo) where the idea is to leave behind all of your insecurities and just write!, but I believe this book has a place for someone who is ready to get beyond NaNo.
I have nearly finished the series so it's difficult for me to separate what you learn in this book alone. Garth Nix has a captivating way with world building and good, solid storytelling that will keep you reaching for the next book. Can a young, asthmatic boy beat demi-gods?
A timeless treasure
As a class we read this in fifth grade. Haunting, beautiful, with imagery that stays with you forever.
The old west in space!
An enchanting series with fantastic one-liners, memorable characters, which has only two fatal flaws: the show was cancelled with no warning and the movie is... forgettable.