Reviews by phc
Row vs Hitler
This is an book that combines the story of a member of the rowing crew that represented the USA in the 1936 Olympics with the background of the Nazi attempt to use the games for political purposes. An excellent read even if you're not into rowing.
This book was written by Senator Moynihan's son. If that were not the case, it might have had difficulty finding a publisher.

Mr. Moynihan signed on as crew of an oil tanker headed for exotic ports around the globe. This could have been an interesting voyage but it wasn't. Not much happens on the trip and the personalities encountered were basically depressing, disgruntled misfits.

A typical day entailed, painting the deck, eating, trying to find booze once it ran out, reading books when off duty, trying to stay away from the crazies.

Regarding the writing style - well, lets just say no budding Hemingway here.

What was good about the book? It's short, so it won't be too big a waste of time.
Little covered WWII topic
There are many books about the 2nd World War, but most cover the main topics of the war. This book covers war in the Atlantic ocean. A well written and entertaining book. Unlike many history books, it's easy to read and is basically comprised of about 37 chapters, each covering a different aspect of conflict in the Atlantic. Many of the chapters discuss the fight to deliver supplies to the British and later the American troops. Submarines, and building of a merchant fleet.

Most sea books cover the major battles in the Pacific such as Midway. However, most of the battles we know of only lasted a short time, perhaps just hours. The war in the Atlantic lasted the entire length of the war and was vastly important to our victory. I think you'll enjoy this one, even if you are not a history buff.