Reviews by Adult Summer Reading 2012
A rather sad story
This story was a bit slow, but I did finally get into it towards the end. It is really a rather said story of an Englishman. This man has spent his entire life serving as a head butler to the Darlington Hall estate. As he looks back on his life, he prides himself on the way he always did his job with dignity. The sad part is that he never realized that he did not have a life of his own.
Excellent Plot
I thought this book was well written and had an excellent plot line. I felt myself wanting more when it was over, because it did not conclude some aspects of the story. Overall, I enjoyed this book!
A great beginning to the "Dream Trilogy"
Margo was an extremely realistic character who was self-centered, but would do anything for her friends. It sounded like a normal romance in the beginning of the book, until the business venture, which really sets this book apart from others.
Great Characters
This is a really well written book. The language and description of the characters are wonderful. Their interactions with one another are enjoyable. However, the direction in which the author chooses to go with these characters seems disappointing.
Exciting and Informative!
The president of an elite college and his divinity school-professor-wife face racial issues after a series of murders that occur near the campus. This successful, exceptionally well-educated African American couple confront racism as a result of living in a predominantly white upper class community.
This is both an exciting and informative read since it explores economic and religious theories, which are presented in a thriller format with many facets. Issues such as shame, fear, and greed are discussed within "New England White".