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Steal a peek into the world of gods and goddesses, learning about their personal stories, like Set, the god of Envy, with the fearful body of a horse and the head of a ferocious reptile. Learn of his deep jealousy of Usir, husband of the beautiful Aset, and his evil, murderous schemes to rid himself of Usir's presence. This is only one example of the numerous gods, goddesses, and human beings in the invigorating tales from Egyptian mythology.
Hop on a broomstick and follow the crazy happenings of the life of a young, adorable witch named Salem Hyde and her easily frightened feline friend named Whammy, who reluctantly takes the job to train her after his other job falls through. Salem wants to be crowned her elementary school's new Spelling Queen, but is she as good at spelling as she is at casting spells? Read all about her attempts to tame her spell-casting and word-spelling powers, and giggle the entire time.
Review of Ken Jennings' Maps and Geography
Did you know that there is a town called Puke, Albania? How about Boring, Oregon? These are two of hundreds of facts that await you in this fact-packed book! The Jeopardy! champion Ken Jennings has compiled a fraction of his super genius knowledge into books for YOU to read. He has two other Junior Genius Guides for you to get your hands on, about Greek Mythology and American Presidents. Stuff your brain full of interesting tidbits, including some of America's top geographical secrets, and become a Junior Genius yourself!
View the fairy tale world in a completely different light! Classics such as "Hansel and Gretel", "Puss in Boots", "Rapunzel", and "Little Red Riding Hood" are brought to life in this fabulous graphic novel! Several different artists each tell a twist on your favorite tales, with colorful illustrations and hilarious stories. Watch as Rapunzel becomes her own heroine, lassoing a pine tree, catching her handsome prince, and rescuing him from plummeting to the ground. Or see Snow White, after swallowing the horrible poisoned apple, be revived when the carriers of her glass coffin trip, sending the piece of apple flying from her snow white throat! All of this and more awaits you in these delightfully funny twists of favorite story book tales!
Review of Joshua Dread, The Dominion Key
Joshua Dread, the Dominion Key, is the best book that Lee Bacon has written in the series! The author has created an adventure that would fit in a superhero's diary!

Let me introduce the gang: Joshua, the main character, has the power of sending an electric wave in any direction. Sophie, Captain Justice's daughter, has superhuman strength. Milton, Joshua's best friend, is the only person in the group who doesn't have a superpower. Marinda became their friend when they all joined the Alliance of Infinity, which is the name of the group. She can look into the future, so she can predict her enemy's next move.

The story starts in the food court at the mall. They discover there is another supervillain there when nachos, ketchup, and mustard start flying through the air. Along with the supervillain, who can control objects with her mind, there is a thug and the four friends' all-time enemy, nFinity. nFinity used to be one of the superheroes but betrayed them by siding with Phoenix Vex, an evil multi-billionaire. nFinity drops a list at the food court. The list holds names of the gadgets that Vex wants the supervillains to get so they can create a weapon to stop time and destroy the universe.

The superheroes get sent away to Alabaster Academy for safety purposes. One by one, things on nFinity's list are disappearing. There's only the Dominion Key left, so they take a journey to save it. Will they beat Phoenix Vex to it?

by Kevin Kuryla