Reviews by GretchenCaserotti
Sweet Character Story
After reading very dark, twisted fiction like Gone Girl and Into the Darkest Corner, this book was such a delight to read!! Young Elsa was born in WI and grew up in her family's theatre and never knew a life where she didn't want to be an actress. That drive, and the one to get out of the midwest, takes her to LA during the golden age of Hollywood. Big contracts, big producers, big sets. This book explores Laura's great love, her career and her attempt to find happiness. All the glitz and glamour makes it hard for movie starts to remain true to themselves. A beautiful debut novel and quick read, I loved this book and hope you do too!
The Victorian language of flowers used to convey romantic expressions is a lost art that was taught to Victoria, a child raised in the foster care/group home system. Deeply damaged, she turns 18 and sets forth into the world to make her way and struggles. Believing she doesn't need anyone, she realizes she has a gift for helping people using her talents in floral arrangements and meanings. Then she meets a mysterious flower vendor who turns her world upside down. It is up to her to decide if she deserves a second chance at happiness.
Twisted, but Gripping Thriller
I couldn't put this book down - and couldn't read it at night! A tale that probes the depths of a woman's OCD and domestic violence. This debut novel by a former Policy Analyst will leave you biting your nails as you follow Catherine's descent into madness. Haynes deftly flows between periods of time to tell this story, but is never confusing. The perfect boyfriend Lee might not be so perfect after all....
Funny Story w/Great Graphics
smart-alecky, but smart narrator, great graphics, funny mystery, what more could a young reader want? Abagail and John, twins, are kidnapped by a former student of their genius, inventor father who demands he turn over the plans for his wacky invention. clever reader quizes follow each short chapter and this book would be great for both boy and girl readers in elementary school! loved it, SO funny!
pretty good non-fiction read
despite the news about the fabricated Bob Dylan quotes, this was a terrific read. lehrer has a narrative style to illustrate research that makes this non-fiction book incredibly readable. creativity comes when isolated, through group work and is innate - but all in all, i felt like he presented a variety of approaches to the concept of creativity with no right or wrong answer. a good read for fans of his work of non-fiction readers, but probably too slow and conflicting otherwise.