Reviews by LikeabossConjay
Good for the last book in the series
The Last hope is the last book in the Omen of the Stars series And the 4 authors who go under the pen name Erin Hunter writes good. I like the Warrior Cats series
Another great book in the series
Once again, Mr. Riordan entertains me with this book. It is so good I do not want to stop reading it. There was a lot of romance. Ugh! But besides that, It is action packed, funny, and just very interesting. Especially the "war".

The "war" is mostly Desjardins, Sadie, and Carter defeating Vladimir Meshinkov, who is possessed by Apophis. They defeat him. But Desjardins die. Since he was that guy that ruled something (I read this book in 2011) and then Vladimir Meshinkov was supposed to replace him. But since he died, Carter and Sadie's Uncle Amos replaces Desjardins.
This book is full of action. The best part is the part when Sadie said "Evil Day". Mr. Riordan really makes these books funny and makes me laugh so hard that I start to cry and cough. I read this book a long time ago, in 2010 and I keep on forgetting about typing a review about it. I recommend this book to kids that has advanced reading.
5 stars
This is a very good movie! The interviews are pretty interesting. It even let them go to Washington DC. And it is all real!!!!!!!!!!!If I can grade it from 1 star to 5 stars, it would be 5 stars.
This is a very good book! It included closing 2 cases!