Reviews by GretchenCaserotti
This is a super funny story about a boy who takes his Hall Monitor duties REALLY serious! Griff moves to this new school and shakes up the School Safety Patrol with his cop-like skills and discovers things are not as perfect as they seem on the surface in this squeaky clean school. Laugh along with Griff as he and his partner Tommy the Camp Scout who can't stop talking infiltrate the corrupt ring in Rampart Middle School.
An amazing book
Fourth Cousin, also known as Bandit, has spent her whole childhood in China, surrounded by her loving family. When her father, who lives in America, sends for her and her mother, Bandit's whole life changes, including her name. She only knows a few American names, so after her family vetoes her becoming "Uncle Sam Wong", she decides to be "Shirley Temple Wong". Once she arrives in Brooklyn, she has to learn English and how to get around her neighborhood, as well as how to make friends with her classmates. Set during the late 1940's, it's the era of the Brooklyn Dodgers and Jackie Robinson's rookie season, and baseball becomes a bond that unites Shirley's class.
This book is based on Bette Bao Lord's childhood and is both funny and full of likable, entertaining characters. I read it in fourth grade (almost 20 years ago!) and just picked it up again and found it just as enjoyable, if not more so, than my first reading. Any kid can relate to Shirley's experiences with making friends and being forced to take piano lessons (right?). Shirley's English language mix-ups are particularly funny, and the illustrations at the beginning of each chapter give a really clear idea of who Shirley is. A great summer read!
girls, graphic novels & baking
a strange combination of words, but when blended together in this graphic novel, the result is a delicious read for girls! claire's family moves from the big city to the countryside to open an organic bakery, she meets a new friend and ends up saving the world! while slightly unrealistic, the story moves froward well and claire is a very likable character. the bonus? real recipes your girls can bake themselves at home! only downside, the illustrations are black & white, wish they were color...
a choose-your-own adventure graphic novel!
i remember the challenge of choose-your-own adventure books as a kid. i would place my finger on choice pages and if i made a bad choice, would try every avenue until i had a satisfactory reading experience. sometimes, i could stretch out the reading for hours longer than a book of that length! Well, this new series takes that principle and fits it in nicely into the graphic novel format. here i am all these years later and i did the EXACT SAME THING while reading this book! great read! great for boys, especially those who maybe aren't the strongest readers, and great for girls! look for this book over the summer for a fun reading experience.
GREAT story
This story is a perfect bedtime story for kids of many ages. It is also really fun to act out during imaginative play.