Retro-style cool
In this nearly wordless picture book, a little boy too shy to join a baseball game with kids his own age wanders over to a group of old men on a park bench. Over the course of the week, the little-bodied, big-headed little boy begins to morph into what he thinks an old man should be; garish plaid pants, glasses, a cane, and a determined scowl. Something unexpected happens, however, when the (real) old men start behaving like kids.

The subtlety of the narrative and the lack of text (other than the days of the week), makes this a better choice for slightly older picturebook readers- perhaps 1st and 2nd graders. The standout feature are the retro-style illustrations done in gouache and ink. Newman’s line is energetic yet economical. The limited palette and use of white space give the book a very 1960’s flavor.