Lovely and funny, too
A sweetly naïve elephant discovers a perplexing new object- a thingamabob. At first, he can find no practical use for the thingamabob- it does not allow him to fly; it does not provide adequate coverage during hide-and-seek; and he certainly cannot sail in it. A rainy day soon follows and a eureka! moment and a happy ending is had by all.

The story has been a hit with preschoolers. Knowing something that the main character does not provides a lot of humor for the 3 and 4 crowd.

The best part are the lovely illustrations- a combination of painterly textures as the backdrop and hand-drawn images that have been digitally layered to create the foreground. Na’s pencil lines are detailed and whimsical. Her characters are quirky and sweet. Also check out her beautiful Book of Sleep.