Powerful people, stunning history
I picked this book up as I was searching around for something else at the library, brought it home and looked at it a bit more closely and decided to give it a go. The book starts out with remarkably violent and terrible events, and the story of the frontier west in our country as the civil war was ending is told. THis is a work of historical fiction, and she paints a human yet sad picture of life for the natives on the plains as western "civilization" moved westward. The stories of the main characters are told in a way that I could relate to everyone, feel their struggles and pain, and not really come up with any better solutions as they faced their challenges. This book does not have many light or happy parts, it is a serious and realistic telling of a hard, violent, desperate time and place, but it was fast reading for me- I couldn't put it down and I wanted to know these people's stories. Excellent historical story. I'd be curious to read what others think after reading it too.