Funny adventure story
A powerhouse duo (Broach, author of several great mysteries for kids including Masterpiece; and Egielski, a Caldecott medalist) bring us this tongue-in-cheek adventure story for the kindergarten to first grade crowd. When Peter’s favorite uncle, Uncle Nigel, invites him on an expedition to Africa, Peter is told that all he needs to make it is “gumption!” In a visual joke that runs throughout the book, Uncle Nigel is too preoccupied trudging through various jungle flora with “gumption” that he misses all the amazing interactions Peter has with the animals- like swinging through the trees on a snake, sliding down an elephant’s trunk, or being transported across a river on the back of a crocodile. With some explanation and time to point out and discuss the illustrations, this could also be a fun book in preschool storytimes.