Great for one-on-one sharing
Elisha Cooper (who is a man, incidentally) has created another gorgeous picture book (see his award-winning Beach). While not an ideal choice for storytime, this is just the type of book that children will want to read over and over with their grownups one-on-one. The overall story takes the reader through an entire year on a farm- through all the seasons of sowing, reaping, etc. There is information about the people (the farmer, the farmhands, a boy, a girl), the animals (a bunch of cattle, countless cats, etc.), the equipment (tractors, silos, tools), and the landscape (clouds that nearly touch the flatlands.) Cooper has an uncanny ability to take what could easily be a rote info book and transforms it into art with his lyrical text and skilled use of watercolors. The verso page includes a glossary of relevant farm terms, like Chaff and Grain Elevator.