history for real
I find it difficult to say "I loved this book" even though I truly did and agree with another reviewer that while reading it, not much else happened in my life - I carried it everywhere and couldn't put it down or stop thinking about the people and the story. How is it possible to love a story about brutal, racist people commiting real, abomindable acts, or a story about war and the pain of killing others, no matter the context. It is possible because the imagery and the human connections forged by the author are irresistible, and the story is compelling enough to inspire me to work even harder to treat everyone I meet well, kindly and fairly, and to hold others accountable to do the same. I am still processing reading this story since I just finished it yesterday, and I'm sure I'll have more reactions soon. I hope you read it, I hope you are as captured by all the layers in it.