Why are the intensely violent scenes against women rarely mentioned in reviews of this book? Yes, it is typical crime thriller/mystery with an engaging storyline and characters, though I am a little surprised by the worldwide bestselling status of this book - good book yes, best ever? Not in my opinion. But there are a few very detailed and absolutely awful descriptions of rape and assualt on women that are important parts of the story, and important to know about if you are going to consider reading this book. I am happy to learn that the author had a real agenda in incorporating these types of scenes and the statistics about sexual violence against women in Sweden - he was very much a feminist and women's issues activist, and an outspoken critic of the status quo in Sweden, and used these books to share some of his viewpoints and messages. We can only hope that since this book is being so widely read, by many many women, we can mobilize in opposition and meaningful action against sex trafficking of young women, and sex crimes against all women. That is the message of this book. It will be a while before I read the next book - I need a break from the stress I felt while reading this book.