Yetta, a real mensch!
Yetta, beautiful Yetta, is a country chicken on her way to becoming a Friday night meal, when she escapes from her crate and onto the streets of Brooklyn. The looming buildings, the lack of grass, the rude strangers- everything is so unfamiliar to dear Yetta. And yet, despite being so far from home and alone, Yetta is more than a pretty beak. She soldiers on, befriending a wild green parrot named Eduardo, even saving him from a stinky cat. Unlike the bad-mannered rats and pigeons she encounters, the parrots welcome Yetta with open wings. They appreciate her bravery, her uncanny beauty and welcome her into their family.

Beautiful Yetta: The Yiddish Chicken is a funny, sophisticated, strange, and delightfully original picture book. It is, simply put, a shtik naches!