Better for grown-ups
I read a recent review of this book in the Stamford Advocate and was prompted to look it over for my grandchildren. The review said it was for ages 8 - 12. I'm 74 and I absolutely loved it. However, I really don't think a child in that age group would get too much out of it. There are some wonderful plays on words with proper names such as Mr. M. Balm or the book editor, Paige Turner, a detective, Frank N. Beans and our young hero, Seymour Hope. I'm really not sure children would fully appreciate all of the nuances. Further, the whole book is written as a series of letters among Mr. Grumply, an author of books for children who has had writer's block for 20 years, our young hero, a real estate agent, Anita Sale, an attorney (E. Gadd) and the ghost who haunts the house. I'm not sure the average child would have the patience to follow it. Better check it out yourself first. And, if you're as adult as I am or in your second childhood, it's a hoot.