Meeting Louise Bat
long before Weetzie was a punk rock, amazingly cool girl kicking around on her roller skates, living and loving in sparkly Shangri-L.A., she was Louise Bat. she hated her name, and everything about her life in middle school. her dad left with no explanation and her mom descending into an alcoholic depression. she is bullied at school mercilessly. Pink Smog takes us to the very beginning when Louise becomes Weetzie. If you haven't read Francesca Lia Blocks' magical realism before you are in for a treat. her language is flowery and dramatic and the boundaries between the real world and the magical world are not as clear. No warlocks in her books. No, handsome boys like Winter who appear and disappear like an angel and falls under his evil sister's voodoo spell. The novels are short, but don't stop with this one! you can start with this or move right to Weetzie Bat - SO GOOD!