From 1942 and Still relevant Today
This moss-green, leather-bound book caught my eye as I was passing through the Home section. And while I was fairly certain this would be far removed from Ted Nugent's cookbook 'Kill It and Grill It', I couldn't imagine what the wolf would be. The wolf is hunger. Written after the outbreak of WWII, this little book is a book of thrift and good housekeeping ideas.

I was particularly impressed by three things:
1. That MFK Fisher included a chapter on how to boil water. Before you skip over it thinking it is a lark, let me tell you it is a must read for anyone that doesn't know how to make a proper cup of tea -- with lively water cooked au point and not, as she puts it, with the hell cooked out of it.
2. That much of our current debate on food and wealth ("Big Money") goes as far back as 1942.
3. That she includes recipes for Gazpacho and Ceviche -- page 60.

A rather interesting little read and hard to imagine any reader won't walk away with a new tip or two and plenty of dinner conversation.