The Heart and Soul of Being an Expat
It is labelled as a family story, an African story. But it is an Expat's story and the retelling is masterful. If you've never been an expat, you can't imagine the hardships that are endured. Alexandra Fuller lays them all out in a very colorful way.

What she also lays out for you is the madness in just how compelling a life as an expat can be; full of moments that show the extreme beauty of the world we live in and then its extreme cruelty.

"We should have seen that a story begun with such one-sided, unconscious joviality ...would end a decade later in defeat and few have the wisdom to look forward with unclouded hindsight. Not my parents, certainly. Not most of us. But most of us also don't pay so dearly for our prejudices, our passions, our mistakes. Lots of places, you can harbor the most ridiculous, the most ruining, the most intolerant beliefs and be hurt by nothing more than your own thoughts."

"...It's not easy to leave a life as arduously rich and difficult as all that."