Sadly misleading
David Downing has written a series of mysteries set in Berlin with a fictional hero journalist - John Russell - who alternatively spies for the Russians, Nazis, British and Americans. His latest, Each is named after a pre-World War II Berlin railway station and in each the morality has gotten murkier. The latest, Lehrter Station, returns Russell to Berlin in the aftermath of the World War. Sadly Mr. Downing's amoralism and anti-Americanism have sunk to the point that he makes the bombing of Hiroshima the moral equivalent of the Nazi war crimes tried at Nuremberg. My father, after flying 50 missions as rear gunner in a B-17 over Germany, was being cross-trained on B-29s when the war ended, making him one of those estimated 100,000 Americans whose lives were saved by the bombing of Hiroshima. Since Mr. Downing is plainly intelligent, he clearly is counting on the historical ignorance of his readers to make a cheap and blatantly unhistorical comment. His storytelling is decent, but not sufficiently compelling to overcome his prejudicial point of view.