Feeling a little bloodthirsty? If so, follow Ismae as she escapes from an arranged marriage to become an assassin for the god of death. "Grave Mercy" is set in fifteenth century Brittany -- a kingdom exhausted from war. The French are hungry for land and are determined to prevent the duchess from taking her crown so her kingdom can maintain its independence. Ismae has sworn her allegiance to the god of death to take out his targets. Ismae has dual devotions -- to her god and the duchess. However, when an assignment puts her into the path of a political target, Ismae is given her biggest assignment yet -- discover who the traitor is amongst the Brittany court.

"Grave Mercy" is a thick book, but goes by very quickly. The details of Ismae's assassin training is skimmed over, but plenty of weapons are listed. I suspect most of the poisons are made up, but the dreadful death given to the victims are morbidly thrilling. Ismae struggles to fit into the court and play up a romantic deception in order to get close to the crown's traitors. She is young, but she is out for blood and death.