Awesome Book!
The Phantom Tollbooth, by Norton Juster, is a good book. It is an amazing novel of action and adventure. The book is about a bored kid named Milo who does not know what to do with himself. He thinks life is useless. That all changes when Milo receives a mysterious package with a tollbooth inside. Past it, he reaches a new world. There he goes off to save the two princesses, Rhyme and Reason. On the way, his attitude about the world changes. I liked The Phantom Tollbooth. It was humorous in many ways. For example, it was funny when the trio met the Everpresent Wordsnatcher. He is an ugly bird. When Milo shouts, "Wait!" after he flies away, the annoying bird replies, "34 pounds!". The Phantom Tollbooth is also exciting when the three are running away from the Terrible Trivium. It is an amazing novel of action and adventure. You should definitely read this book. I would recommend it to ages 7-12 fantasy lovers.
submitted by Mrjag