Slip into someone else's racy shoes
Eisenberg is a comedian by trade. You can tell by the quick, snappy way she turns a sentence from ordinary to giggling aloud funny. I pulled her book off the shelf on a whim -- who can resist looking at a book with this title? -- and found myself giggling aloud in the non-fiction section. The book starts off on a high discussing Ophira's first kiss and her quest to shag anyone who caught her fancy. She finds little to be embarrassed about in her adventures. Then in the middle, the book stops being funny and slows down to a drag. She's in her twenties and floundering around with what to do with her life. She then discovers comedy and that sleeping around isn't fun anymore. Still, she's determined to avoid love and commitment. The title gives away the ending. This book is a quick read for the beach and allows you to step into an entirely different mindset with ease.