A page turner!
The novel follows a general pattern where every other chapter is set in a different time period. In one, the heroine, Kate, is in Paris in 1916. In the other chapters, Kate lives in New York City in 2008. How is she living in two places at once? The answer at 206 pages in is still unclear. The main plot of this story is about two lovers whose bond is so great that it’s love at first sight – no matter what time period they find themselves in. While I’m disappointed that it’s got the by now blah template of the handsome, ultra rich guy being immediately smitten with the younger, less wealthy lady, I am enjoying the book. The instant true love is not being sold to me, but I’m burned out on that plot as a reader. However, this book is a page turner. There’s plenty of mystery and Kate is dealing with some real world struggles as a woman trying to make her career on Wall Street. When Kate drives up to Fairfield County, I appreciate the authenticity of the writing as I recognize those “rambling stone walls” which run the wooded hills of Connecticut’s forests.